Tuesday, 2 December 2008

So proud I could POP!

In about one hour, Hubster and I are heading to the school to see Middleman receive the "What Would Jesus Do Award" for Term 1.

One child from each class receives the WWJD award each term. The award is given to the child who shows Christian values and compassion and caring for others. To Hubster and I, this award is worth so much more than an academic award. You can teach a child reading, writing and math, but being a good person supercedes any academics.

God blessed me abundantly with my boys! Pin It


Limey Girl said...

Clearly the observation you made about the picture of Con & I on my Facebook page, will be something you can look forward to from your boys too!
Our boys are special!

Karin said...

That is one fragile tree!

Karin said...

Ooops - first comment was supposed to be regarding your "china tree" sorry!

Congrats for the WWJD award. You are raising three wonderful little men and have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments (especially having to do with character!)

Angie Vinez said...

That has to be the most awesome award I have ever heard of. More places need to do that.

WOW. So cool. You've got some amazing boys, Dawn. Beam away!!

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