Saturday, 27 December 2008

Nanny Two

Tonight, my heart hurts.

Mum and I went to visit my Nanny Two today. Nanny Two is my second Nanny. Let me explain...

When I was 5, my parents brought my sister and I to Canada. We left my four grandparents behind in England. We had NO family here. Nanny Two, or Olive, as others call her, became my grandmother. She was an old friend of Nanny B, and had immigrated to Canada a few years before us. She told Joanne and I that we could call her "Nanny Two" because she would be our surrogate grandma. And she was. She spoiled us and loved us as a grandma would. She filled the hole that my dear Nanny B couldn't because she was so far away.

When we were children, we spent alot fo time with Nanny Two and her husband, Alan. They were SUCH a blessing to us.

Today, I went with Mum to visit Nanny Two because she is dying. She has terminal lung cancer. Two months ago, the doctors told Nanny Two that she had 2-4 months to live. She's halfway there.

I took her a "Chicken Soup for the Grandma's Soul" book and a card. I signed the inside cover of the book with, "To my great Nanny-Two. With love, Dawn xo". When she read it, she said, "You remembered?!" and then she cried...and I cried. I told her I would NEVER forget how wonderful she was to me and Joanne and that I appreciated it so much.

We chatted about old times and laughed. We looked at old photos and talked about Nanny.

When I left, I hugged her hard, kissed her cheek and told her to take care of herself. She asked me to come again, only next time, to bring the boys. She told me to bring them in the summer so that they can swim in the condo pool. I guess for a moment, she forgot that she probably won't be here in the summer. :o(

I hope she is. As long as she is not in any pain. Bless her heart. If you are the praying kind, please pray for my Nanny Two. She deserves prayer. She is such a good person.

Thank you.

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