Sunday, 21 December 2008

Google Me

Kia does this post once in a while, so I thought I would steal her idea on this snowy, cold Sunday.

I am going to list all of the searches that peeps have used to find me and you have to guess which one is the fake (I will make one up). Kia gives away prizes, but I don't have any prizes, so you will have to do it for the glory (and a post full of accolades from me).

So, without furth ado, here they are:

1. fruits and passion bzzagent blog

2. Threepeat

3. boyohboyohboy

4. drip pee floor

5. throw up on birthday cake

6. my crazy life with boys

7. Boyohboy fresh bodies

8. Boyohboy fresh boddys

9. gave him a suppository


11. boys birthday cake

12. boys birthday cakes

13. older boys with bad toilet aim

14. boys peeing on the toilet seat

15. fruits and passion orange-cinnamon hand soap

15. www.boy o boy

16. sleepover suck

17. buoy o boy life jackets

18. joseph hockey

19. waterproof winter boots at walmart

20. Middleman

21. gorgeousboys

22. canadian idol

23. three peat

24. let's be frank

25. pee pee aim

So, whaddaya think? Leave your guess in the commments! Pin It


goodmum said...

I'll guess "throw up on birthday cake," 'cause that's something that could actually happen at my house.

Limey Girl said...

I'm guessing "throw up on birthday cake" too, cause I don't recall a post about that...that's not something you'd forget!?
You could call that a Barfday cake!

Karin said...

I'll guess "Let's Be Frank" because I rock at these type of contests (especially a week or so later)

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