Saturday, 13 December 2008

First and hopefully LAST ambulance ride.

Last night, I had the scare of my life. I have never, ever been so terrifed.

Out of nowhere, Threepeat had a febrile seizure. It was the most awful, frightening experience of my life. I hope I never, EVER experience it again.

Threepeat has had a runny nose for a couple of days and yesterday, he was kind of clingy, but nothing that struck me as anything more than a little cold. No fever, he was eating fairly well, so I was not worried at all.

We were at Boy Oneder's hockey arena and when I changed Threepeat into his pajamas in the washroom, he was shivering. I dressed him as quickly as I could. I put his jammies on and then his coat and as I pulled his hands through the sleeves, I thought, "Man, his hands are FREEZING!" I checked his head with my lips and my wrist and he was totally normal.

MIL started pushing the stroller around the lobby so that he would fall asleep and I looked back a few times and he was falling asleep.

Next thing I know, MIL is behind me, saying that she thought something was wrong with Threepeat. I jumped up and looked at him, in the stroller, and he was convulsing. His eyes were rolled back, he was stiff and he was shaking in an obvious seizure. Terrified, I ran to the arena office and yelled for the receptionist to call 911. I ran back to Threepeat and started screaming for help, "Is anyone a doctor??!! HELP ME PLEASE!" It was about 8:25 pm.

Within seconds, we were surrounded by tons of people and I was in a complete panic. Two lovely ladies, who I had never met, were hugging me and telling me it was going to be OK. Another lady told me she was CPR certified and started taking off him jacket and lying him on his side. All the while, he was convulsing. Drool and foam were coming out of his mouth and people were all freaking out.

After what seemed like an eternity, but I am told was less than five minutes, he slowly stopped shaking and was laying there, completely out of it. The ambulance arrived and put him on the stretcher and put an oxygen mask on him.

When we got to the hospital, he was completely unresponsive and I cannot explain the panic I felt. His fever was 39.8...whatever that means...I think it's 102.5. They asked me a million questions and alot of it is a blur.

After alot of poking, prodding and chattering, I finally started singing baa-baa-black sheep to him and, praise the Lord, at about 9:15, he opened his eyes. He even giggled once. The nurse gave him some tylenol, little by little, while he cried the whole time (he HATES meds) and then not five minutes later, he puked it all back up...all over his jammies...the only clothes I had for him. Sigh.

We stripped him down and then the nurse gave him a suppository (poor dude). At around 10:00, we offered him a popsicle which he would have nothing to do with and a few minutes later, he fell asleep on my chest. The nurse came back to check his temperature (rectally) poor dude. It was clue what that is in farenheit, but the main thing is that it was coming down.

They finally got us a bed in an isolation room and he slept on my chest on the gurney the whole time. The nurse checked his blood pressure while he slept and it was 93/51...whatever that means...she said normal for his size.

The doctor finally saw us at about midnight and checked his chest and ears while he slept. She explained febrile seizures and what to do if he had another one and said that although his ear was a little red, sometimes, viruses can cause it. She wrote a prescription for antibiotics and said not to fill it for a couple of days. She said if he still has a fever in a couple of days, to have him seen by our family doctor.

We stopped at a 24 hour drug store to get some acetaminaphin suppositories and got home around 1:00. Boy Oneder was still up, in a panic waiting to see his baby brother and was so relieved to kiss his forehead before he finally headed to bed.

I gave Threepeat the suppositories in his sleep and then headed into Boy Oneder's bed...he was pretty shaken up. We chatted until about 1:30 and then we both slept together while Hubster slept with Threepeat. He slept until 5:30 and was really warm, so I gave him more suppositories and he watched tv for half an hour.

Hubster took him downstairs at about 7:00 so that I could sleep for a couple of hours. At 9:30, Hubster came up and said that Threepeat had slept for an hour from 8:00 until 9:00. I got ready to take Middleman to his hockey practice and at 9:40, gave Threepeat some Motrin, which, thank God, he kept down.

He has been happy and playing ever since, not eating alot, but we are pushing juice and milk. He had a half a can of chicken rice soup for lunch and was about ready for a nap, so Hubster took him out for a little fresh air while he gets a haircut...Boy Oneder went with him.

I am going to spend an hour or so with Middleman...finally some one on one time with him.

My whole body aches, especially my head. I cannot even begin to explain how scary that was. I've read about febrile seizures, I know exactly what to do in the situation, I am CPR certified, but when it's YOUR baby, ALL of that goes out the window.

Now, we are watching his every move and are all on's awful. The worst part is that there is NO warning if it were to happen again. The cause is a rapid rise in temperature, not the fever itself and apparently, if he is going to have one, no tylenol would stop it.

Thank God he's alright. Pin It


JennT said...

Dawn, I know exactly what you went through, Amber has had more than one febrile seizure.

Hopefully he doesn't have any more. And if you ever want to talk to someone who has also experienced it, you know where to find me.

Karin said...

How scary - something I've never had to deal with (Thank goodness). I know they say they happen a lot and that they are pretty normal, but when it's your baby - - - it's MAJOR! Hope that was his one and only. {{hugs}}

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