Saturday, 6 December 2008

Family time

So, most of you will remember that Middleman was crying the blues about how BAD a mother I am. Yeah...that.

That child bitched and moaned ALL day today that he had to come with us for a little drive to the north (to kill some time while Threepeat slept) and then to Longo's for a grocery trip. He made it sound like we were torturing him,

So, whilst at Longo's, I told him that we should buy some ingredients to make cookies together. He was ALL for it. Hubster and Boy Oneder had a hockey practice tonight at 5:00, so I told Middleman it was the perfect time to make our cookies. I set Threepeat up with the kitchen sink and a dripping water faucet...he LOVED every second of the water-rama, so that Middleman and I could have some "individual time". We mixed all the ingredients and when it was time to "spoon the mix onto a greased cookie sheet", he asked if he could call Alexander to see if he could play. EFFER! My kitchen is a FRICKIN' disaster and this little crapper who made me lose sleep last night, asks if he can go and play with the neighbour boy? DAMMIT.

As I type this, Middleman is at Alexander's house playing Nintendo DS.

Damn. I was played...LARGE. Pin It

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