Thursday, 25 December 2008

Done for another year

So much much stress about getting the right gift, so much anguish over wrapping (did I mention I hate wrapping?) and it's all over in ten minutes.

The kids ripped through their stash at breakneck speed and the family room was a whirlwind of toys and boxes...Hubster had the wrapping paper in the garbage bag before some of it was even off the presents (LOL!...thanks for teaching him would be so proud!)

Now, the eating fest begins. Hubster's sister and family are coming for lunch shortly and then we will spend the afternoon here. At around 5:00, we will head over to Mom's for the evening, where we will meet up with BIL and the girls. Boy Oneder and Middleman are sleeping at Grandma's house tonight and then I am hosting 16 people tomorrow for dinner. Wow.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your hearts and homes are as warm as mine today!

Happy Birthday Jesus! Pin It

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