Wednesday, 26 November 2008

SO proud!

Gosh I love my boys.

Tonight, I am sitting in bed, with my chest puffed out in pride...for today was report card day. Yes, my friends, another term of fantastic report cards. Boy Oneder's reading mark is 82%. EIGHTY-TWO PERCENT. His algebra mark was 97%. NINETY-FREAKING-SEVEN PERCENT!!!! UnBEElievable.

Middleman had 4 A's and 10 B's...most of which were B+'s.

Smart boys!!!

I had the extreme pleasure of accompanying Boy Oneder on a school trip to the Toronto Marlies hockey game today. Seeing all the other grade 7 brats, I was again proud to say that he was mine...well behaved on the bus, quiet and respectful to all the teachers, just a pleasure to be with.

I am blessed beyond blessed with my children. Days like today make me so glad to be a Mom and so thankful to God for giving them to me. Pin It

1 comment:

Limey Girl said...

Congratulations Frankie and Nicholas!!!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with regard to being respectful, caring human beings. (and of course the brains)

As for the quiet part, where'd that gene come from, couldn't be you my friend, Joe perhaps? LOL ;0)

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