Friday, 14 November 2008

Ready? Aim...PEE!

What is it with boys and bad aim?

I'm not talking about aiming when throwing a baseball...most boys rock at that. I'm not talking about aiming a watergun...well not really anyway...boys are usually great at soaking whatever poor sucker is their target.

What I am talking about is their God-given waterguns. You know...their pee-pees. Middleman is NOTORIOUS for missing the toilet. Well, he doesn't miss the toilet altogether...he misses the WATER in the toilet bowl. He showers the seat, the floor, sometimes he even hits the GARBAGE CAN for the love of all things holy, but hitting that water is a real difficult task for him!

I got pretty angry with him one day after he had JUST walked out of the loo. He denied that he was the one who did it, but there was urine everywhere. He cried while I made him clean it up...I KNOW it was him because I used the bathroom right before he did and there was no pee in sight when *I* was in there. Anyway, I told him that from now on, he had to sit down to pee. Well, him aim was a little better from a seated position and for a long time, there were no pee puddles to clean. I also told him that if his aim didn't improve, he would be punished. (read as: lose his Nintendo DS for a spell) It's AMAZING what a boy can do when faced with such a cruel and unusual punishment!

But slowly, the puddles started showing up again. I approached Middleman about a week ago and he SWORE that he sits down to pee EVERY time. So, I snuck in on him one day when he least expected it. He was sitting down! BUT...when he was done, I went back in for an inspection and low and behold there was pee on the toilet seat. I asked him what happened and he told me that he drips when he is done and...get this...I am quoting here: "I always wobble it when I am done, but sometimes, there are still drips left over and they fall when I stand up." HA! So could I be mad?

So I told him that when he stands up, he must check for drippage and if there is any, he needs to use toilet paper to clean the seat/floor. He agreed and so far, so good.

So, you moms out there who have girls...feel for me will ya?

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mapsgirl said...

LOL!! We don't have that problem. Oh, and in our house the seat is always down too. *tee hee*

Oh, right, I'm supposed to feel for you.

But I am glad that you're teaching them to clean up after themselves. Their future wives will appreciate that.

Karin said...

FOUND YOU! (I'm such a stalker..hehehe)

Boy do I know what you are talking about - and with the mess my ONE makes in the bathroom, I can't imagine THREE! LOL Cleaning the toilet inside and OUT is pretty much a daily thing around here.....speaking of which does anyone know how to FLUSH!!!! Okay, okay...I know you only pee'd, but do you think your pee don't stink? Ewww....ummm...your wrong.

Limey Girl said...

I hear you and I commiserate with you, and I'm thankful I only have 1 bad aimer.
It's amazing how accurate the aim becomes when the job of cleaning falls on the "shooters" shoulders. :0)
I wish I could brighten your day by telling you it does get better but, well, hmmm, ya!

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