Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Threepeat was not supposed to be. You see, Hubster decided a loooong time ago (read as: when Middleman was born) that his childmaking days were over. Done. Finished. HA! Thank goodness, God had other plans.

I have wanted another child since Middleman was 5 weeks old. He was SUCH a good baby that I just SO desperately wanted to enjoy another one. Every chance I got, I BEGGED Hubster and every time he said no. It was awful. Every time I saw, smelled or touched a baby, my uterus and ovaries would ache for another baby. I just knew with every ounce of me that I was not done having babies. But, I must admit, I gave up hope.

On July 30, 2006, I wrote this entry in a secret blog that only I knew about:

I'm anonymous (for now) for the following reasons:

I just need a place to vent, cry, obsess and dream. No one else needs to read this right now.
No one else would understand why I would want to start all over again and I just can't deal with people being all opinionated about it.

Reasons why *I* want another child:

I'd like a girl...long shot, but a possibility;
I just don't feel complete yet;
I loved every moment of my childrens' babyhoods...from all-nighters to breastfeeding to diapers to teething...loved everything;
Our family needs new life. We have dealt with so much death...a new baby is just what we all need;
I need to quit smoking and a baby will help me get on that quicker;
I am now an only child because I lost my only sister. I want my children to have a sibling to grow old with.

I have wanted a third child since my youngest (now 7) was 5 weeks old. I just knew that our family was not yet complete. As much as I would like a girl (and that is ALOT), I just don't feel complete yet and I just know in my heart that three is our number.

In the last few days, my husband and I have discussed the possibility of a third child. Last night, we had unprotected sex, beginning our quest.

I am 36 years old, and will be 37 in August. My husband is 39, turning 40 in October. Time is definitely of the essence. I am a little concerned about my age, but, not enough yet to not try.

I will be posting my feelings, my thoughts and any physical symptoms that may happen over the next little while.

If you pray, please pray that God's will is for us to have one more healthy child...


Somebody somewhere read this entry and prayed really, REALLY hard. On that one night of unprotected sex, Hubster and I conceived. ONE NIGHT. Threepeat was MEANT TO BE!

I blogged about my symptoms, I obsessed for two weeks and when that two weeks was (almost) over, I took a pregnancy test. The line was ever so faint. You could BARELY see it in the right light. I RAN next door to Franca and she held the test up and moved it around a bit and then she confirmed...A LINE IS A LINE. I was pregnant!

This pregnancy lasted five years. OK, not really, but it FELT like it did. I was sick from day one and it got worse and worse all through the pregnancy. NOTHING tasted good and EVERYTHING smelled awful. I gained a total of 11 lbs for the whole pregnancy. It was hell. I am surprised I have ANY friends left as I was SUPERBITCH the entire time.


Threepeat was due on April 22nd, but made his grand appearance on April 18th. I went into labour after a very agressive internal exam by my doctor's colleague. Ouchie-wa-wa. We headed to the hospital at about 7:30 pm, since I had been having contractions since about 3:30 and my past two labours were pretty quick...HA...Threepeat had OTHER plans.

It was a LOOOOONG night, and at about 5:30 am, I finally caved and took the epidural. Wowsers...LOVE that thing. My water was broken at 7:30 and Threepeat arrived after one push at 10:36 am. He weighed a whopping 8 lbs, 8 ozs and was stunning right from birth! He had such lovely hair which would explain the heartburn that I thought would burn a hole in my chest and beautiful blue eyes. Again, the love in my heart multiplied tenfold and I loved him as much as I loved Boy Oneder and Middleman.

Although breastfeeding was a real challenge (we lasted 9 months), I enjoyed his infancy immensely because it was like having my first child all over again (Boy Oneder and Middleman are pretty self-sufficient) but without the worry and anxiety of a first child. It was wonderul. Every day, this little man amazes me even more. He is a VERY curious boy and I shudder to think of the accidents he is going to have/cause, but he sure does keep me on my toes!

And that is the story of my gorgeous, intelligent, independent and rambunctious Threepeat!

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