Sunday, 30 November 2008

He shoots, he SCORES!!

What a GREAT hockey day we've had!

Middleman's team played SO well this afternoon. He refused to eat before the game (he played at 1:00) because he didn't want to "get cramps". I begged and pleaded and he finally agreed to eat a banana. Sigh. I was just glad to have SOMETHING in his tummy for energy.

Anyway, either his not-eating or my forced banana worked! He scored his team's first goal of the game!!! They ended up losing in the end, but what a fantastic game.

Boy Oneder's game was at 6:00 and the whole fam went to watch. If I was not there to see it myself, I would not have believed it...THEY WON! THEY ACTUALLY WON THEIR FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON!!! AND....Boy Oneder scored the team's first goal of the game! YIPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! What an exciting and fantastic game to watch! Those kids (and the coaches) were ECSTATIC!!! They SO deserved this!!!

So now, I have NO voice and everyone in the league thinks I am a mental case, but I.don' My kids played fantastic hockey today and I am PROUD!!!! Pin It

1 comment:

Limey Girl said...

Woohoo....congratulations guys!
Way to go!

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