Saturday, 15 November 2008

Birthday cake and vomit...not necessarily in that order.

Threepeat has had a cold for a few days. Nothing at all major, just a yucky, gunky, stuffy and runny nose.

We had the neighbour twins' birthday party today and knowing the typical party fare, pizza would be the main course. The party was at a really fun playplace, so I knew that Threepeat would have very little time to sit and eat, so I made him some pastina before we left. He ate most of it and got really messy in the process, so I carried him into the family room to change him. My big mistake? I carried him with my arm under his belly, on my side...putting pressure on his "full o' pastina" belly. I sat him on my lap and he burped. Then he made a funny face. Then he gagged. All was quiet for a moment and then I heard that sound. You know...THAT sound...the gurgling, bubbling sound of vomit making its way back up the esophagus...EVERY mother knows that sound.

I had just taken off his pastina-covered pants, so I held them under his chin and caught the little mouthful of puke...nice. I yelled for MIL as I could hear the rumbling in his tummy again and I ran into the kitchen. We JUST missed the sink. Bits of pastina were flying everywhere...all over me, the floor, Threepeat, the counter, MIL, EVERYWHERE. Ewwwww.

I got him cleaned up with MIL and then limped away to change. UGH.

I got him re-dressed and we headed out for the party. I'm sure that the puking was not sicknesss related, but was caused by the pressure I put on his belly, otherwise, there would be NO way I would have taken him.

He ran around like a champ at the party and ate fruit and cake. He loved the cake...he ate Middleman's piece AND Boy Oneder's leftovers. He is sleeping now and I'm not suprised. He was NON-STOP action for the two hours that we were at the party!

Happy First Birthday Francesco and Sebastian!! Pin It

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