Monday, 28 January 2008

Note to heart from brain...she's gone

My brain knows the horrible truth…Joanne is gone. Dead. Passed away. Never to return. Now if the memo that my brain got could only be sent, special delivery, to my heart, things would be groovy.

I have thought of nothing else today. Joanne was on my mind from the moment I woke up until now, at 9:42 pm. It’s crazy. It’s just another day on the calendar. Why am I so affected by it?

I miss her. I miss her phone calls, her laugh, her silliness, her “blondness”, her hugs, her advice, her…everything. I miss having a sibling. I miss all the bad stuff too…I miss her opinions, her judgment and our fights. I.JUST.MISS.HER.

Her girls miss her too. And Mark. And Mom. And everyone else who ever had the privilege of meeting her. She certainly was special.

She’s with Jesus. THAT is cool. She is with my Dad and my Grampy. She knows the meaning of life. She has seen the past, the future and she sees the present. She is here, there and everywhere. She is in euphoria. She knows no pain. She is pure and she is happy beyond our human comprehension. She is where she belongs. She is home.

I love you Joanne.

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