Sunday, 23 December 2007

The Spirit of Christmas

I consider myself a Christian. I believe in Christ. I believe that he was born of the Virgin Mary. I believe that He is our Saviour. In my mind, this makes me a Christian. I am no Bible Thumper…trust me on that one…but I feel strongly about the true meaning of Christmas.

Some days, I am not a good Christian, some days I ROCK as a Christian. Some days, my faith is shaken a wee bit, sometimes alot. Some days, I FEEL His presence…some days, not so much.

My point?

As a Christian, I celebrate the birth of our Saviour at Christmas time. Although Christmas Day is not His TRUE birthday, it is the day set aside to celebrate His birth. That said, it only stands to reason, that if you are not a Christian, then you don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, right? In my mind, this means that you don’t have a Christmas tree, you don’t exchange gifts and you certainly don’t pray or go to a Christian church.

Apparently, I am quite mistaken. I know personally of some people who proudly state that they are “agnostic” or “atheist”, yet a lovely, bright, colourful Christmas tree stands tall in their home. The presents are piled up high and the food is aplenty. Oh, but they aren’t celebrating “Christmas”…they are celebrating the “holidays”. Umm…excuse me…Hannukah is over and, for the record, is celebrated with a Menorah, NOT a tree and last I checked, Kwanzaa was celebrated with African decor.

Don’t get me wrong…everyone is entitled to believe what they want, celebrate what they want and decorate however they want…that is not my beef. My issue is with those who say they are not Christians, yet celebrate Christmas. I am not allowed to wish anyone a Merry Christmas, for fear of offending someone, but non-Christians can celebrate my holiday whether they believe in Jesus or not.

The “reason for the season” is gone for alot of people. Christmas has become a commercial “shop-fest” of one-uppers. Billy is getting a Playstation 2 for Christmas, so Bobby’s parents buy him a Playstation 3. Suzie’s mom stood in line for THREE hours to get her the latest “Bratz” doll at a bargain price of just $79.99. But, Billy, Bobby and Suzie don’t know the true meaning of Christmas…all they know are the gifts and the Christmas tree. Sad, but oh so true.

Keep Christ in Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus! Pin It

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