Sunday, 30 December 2007

Getting something off my chest

Disagreeing with someone does not mean that I am right all the time.

Removing negativity from my life does not mean that I do not have flaws…believe me, I have MANY. I try to work on them, but one of my flaws is that I will never be rid of all my flaws.

Choosing to end a relationship (or several relationships) does not mean that I think I am better than others.

2008 is the “Year of Dawn”. My New Years resolution is to put ME first. The only people who will come before me are my children and my husband. I will no longer be bullied, harrassed, hurt, angered or cornered by ANYONE. I am done with being the doormat. For REAL this time. Those who have bullied me know who they are. Some will not. But they WILL. 2008 will be a RUDE awakening for a few and a confirmation for another few. You’ll see…you. will. see.

So, save your public service announcements and take a long, hard look at yourself. Maybe the problem lies WITHIN.

I am happy with my decisions. I have no regrets. I have absolutely NO guilt.

Bring on 2008 baby! BRRRRRING IT! Pin It

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