Thursday, 27 December 2007

And just like *that*, it's over

Christmas has come and gone once again. All the preparation, anticipation and work made Christmas extra special. I think the boys were happy with their gifts, Hubster liked his gifts and I liked mine.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Christmas Eve midnight mass this year…Threepeat just couldn’t stay up long enough and because he already has a cold, I was a bit concerned about taking him to a church full of potentially sick parishoners. We said a nice prayer at dinner time instead and spent time with each other.

We had fish, fish and more fish and then opened a couple of gifts. The boys got some matching fleece pajamas and looked so cute all dressed the same. We got some nice photos, which I will post later.

Christmas morning began at 7:00…well, that’s when we got out of bed…Boy Oneder and Middleman were awake at about 6:15, but knew better than to wake us that early!! ;o) We came downstairs to a family room full of presents from Santa. The boys tore through all of them in about ten minutes. Then, we opened gifts from each other. A cup of Tim Hortons coffee and I was good for the day. We had Mark, the girls, Franca, Mike and the boys, my Mom and Hubster’s Mom here for a nice ItalEnglish Christmas dinner…lasagne and turkey! LOL! We ate like pigs and then just chatted all evening.

Yesterday, Kathy and Bruno came over for dinner…veal on a bun, salad and oriental appetizers. Yummy.

And so, all the hard work for the past few months paid off in the 15 minutes that Christmas lasted! LOL!

I hope you all enjoyed your time with your families too! Pin It

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