Saturday, 29 December 2007

2007 in a nutshell

2007 was lifechanging for me. I became a mother of three. Julian has been the most amazing blessing and as hard as some times are, I can’t imagine life without him.

Here’s the run down of 2007:

Boy Oneder became a blue belt in February

Julie’s sweet baby girl, Katelyn was born on March 27th

Threepeat was born in April

Saira came into my life in May

Boy Oneder turned 11 and Middleman turned 8 in June

I visited the site where Joanne died in July

I turned 38 in August

I became “Madam Chair” in September

We had an unwanted “guest”, the mouse, in October

We booked our Florida vacation in November

So far, December has been uneventful…stay tuned. Pin It

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