Sunday, 30 December 2007

Getting something off my chest

Disagreeing with someone does not mean that I am right all the time.

Removing negativity from my life does not mean that I do not have flaws…believe me, I have MANY. I try to work on them, but one of my flaws is that I will never be rid of all my flaws.

Choosing to end a relationship (or several relationships) does not mean that I think I am better than others.

2008 is the “Year of Dawn”. My New Years resolution is to put ME first. The only people who will come before me are my children and my husband. I will no longer be bullied, harrassed, hurt, angered or cornered by ANYONE. I am done with being the doormat. For REAL this time. Those who have bullied me know who they are. Some will not. But they WILL. 2008 will be a RUDE awakening for a few and a confirmation for another few. You’ll see…you. will. see.

So, save your public service announcements and take a long, hard look at yourself. Maybe the problem lies WITHIN.

I am happy with my decisions. I have no regrets. I have absolutely NO guilt.

Bring on 2008 baby! BRRRRRING IT! Pin It

Saturday, 29 December 2007

2007 in a nutshell

2007 was lifechanging for me. I became a mother of three. Julian has been the most amazing blessing and as hard as some times are, I can’t imagine life without him.

Here’s the run down of 2007:

Boy Oneder became a blue belt in February

Julie’s sweet baby girl, Katelyn was born on March 27th

Threepeat was born in April

Saira came into my life in May

Boy Oneder turned 11 and Middleman turned 8 in June

I visited the site where Joanne died in July

I turned 38 in August

I became “Madam Chair” in September

We had an unwanted “guest”, the mouse, in October

We booked our Florida vacation in November

So far, December has been uneventful…stay tuned. Pin It

Friday, 28 December 2007

Technologically challenged?

Boy Oneder and Middleman got Toys R Us gift cards for Christmas from my Mom and some cash from my grandparents in England. On Boxing Day, they decided to spend those gift cards on MP3 players.

I don’t get it.

I love my laptop to death; I couldn’t live without the internet and I ADORE my satellite radio, but MP3 players I just.don’t.get.

In case you live under a rock, MP3 players are these little, tiny electronic devices that hold a KABILLION songs. But why? Isn’t that why we have CDs? At the very least, that’s why we have satellite radio…all the newest songs, with no commercials. By the time you upload all the most popular songs onto your little MP3 player, there are new songs! These days, songs are only on the charts for a week or two and then they are replaced by the new ones. You then have to download the new songs and then upload them onto your little MP3. I simply don’t get it.

So, I guess although I *thought* I was technologically advanced, I am actually technologically CHALLENGED.


I feel old. Pin It

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I appreciate your opinion. I have one request though…in future, could you leave your name so I know who you are?

We all have the right to our opinions, but it kinda gets discounted a little bit when you won’t leave your name. I like to know who is talking to me…know what I mean?

I hope you had a Merry Holiday Christmas. ;o) Pin It

And just like *that*, it's over

Christmas has come and gone once again. All the preparation, anticipation and work made Christmas extra special. I think the boys were happy with their gifts, Hubster liked his gifts and I liked mine.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Christmas Eve midnight mass this year…Threepeat just couldn’t stay up long enough and because he already has a cold, I was a bit concerned about taking him to a church full of potentially sick parishoners. We said a nice prayer at dinner time instead and spent time with each other.

We had fish, fish and more fish and then opened a couple of gifts. The boys got some matching fleece pajamas and looked so cute all dressed the same. We got some nice photos, which I will post later.

Christmas morning began at 7:00…well, that’s when we got out of bed…Boy Oneder and Middleman were awake at about 6:15, but knew better than to wake us that early!! ;o) We came downstairs to a family room full of presents from Santa. The boys tore through all of them in about ten minutes. Then, we opened gifts from each other. A cup of Tim Hortons coffee and I was good for the day. We had Mark, the girls, Franca, Mike and the boys, my Mom and Hubster’s Mom here for a nice ItalEnglish Christmas dinner…lasagne and turkey! LOL! We ate like pigs and then just chatted all evening.

Yesterday, Kathy and Bruno came over for dinner…veal on a bun, salad and oriental appetizers. Yummy.

And so, all the hard work for the past few months paid off in the 15 minutes that Christmas lasted! LOL!

I hope you all enjoyed your time with your families too! Pin It

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Tonight, the festivities begin. Fish. That’s what we eat tonight. Fish, fish and MORE fish. Then, we will eat the leftover fish along with our turkey tomorrow, plus some new fish that Nanna will cook. We will then eat leftover fish for the next three days, together with our leftover turkey. Good times.

Tomorrow is the BESTEST day of the year! We get together with family (and this year will be the first year that we will ALL be together for Christmas dinner. Fourteen of us…Mark, the girls, my Mom, Hubster’s Mom, Joe’s sister and her family and us. YIPPEE!! We thank God for all he has given us, we eat, we reminisce, we eat, we open gifts, we eat and then we eat some more.

I think I am worse than the kids when it comes to the excitement of it all. I can’t WAIT to see their faces when they open all of the ROCKING gifts I painstakingly bought and wrapped for them. I don’t even think they will notice that the first few gifts I wrapped are all Martha Stewart-like with perfectly square corners and gorgeous homemade ribbons, and then the gifts slowly deterioriate to Congo the Ape-like with holes in the wrapping paper and no bows to speak of. The last few Santa gifts don’t even have tags…just an “F” for Boy Oneder and an “N” for Middleman, written ever so tiny on the back side of the tape. Sigh. Who cares…they rip those suckers open faster than I can say, “Merry Christmas!” anyway.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. To my dear old friends, to my new friends, to my aquaintances and to those who “read me” and have never come forward. May your Christmas be full of love, happiness, warmth and peace. Pin It

Sunday, 23 December 2007

The Spirit of Christmas

I consider myself a Christian. I believe in Christ. I believe that he was born of the Virgin Mary. I believe that He is our Saviour. In my mind, this makes me a Christian. I am no Bible Thumper…trust me on that one…but I feel strongly about the true meaning of Christmas.

Some days, I am not a good Christian, some days I ROCK as a Christian. Some days, my faith is shaken a wee bit, sometimes alot. Some days, I FEEL His presence…some days, not so much.

My point?

As a Christian, I celebrate the birth of our Saviour at Christmas time. Although Christmas Day is not His TRUE birthday, it is the day set aside to celebrate His birth. That said, it only stands to reason, that if you are not a Christian, then you don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, right? In my mind, this means that you don’t have a Christmas tree, you don’t exchange gifts and you certainly don’t pray or go to a Christian church.

Apparently, I am quite mistaken. I know personally of some people who proudly state that they are “agnostic” or “atheist”, yet a lovely, bright, colourful Christmas tree stands tall in their home. The presents are piled up high and the food is aplenty. Oh, but they aren’t celebrating “Christmas”…they are celebrating the “holidays”. Umm…excuse me…Hannukah is over and, for the record, is celebrated with a Menorah, NOT a tree and last I checked, Kwanzaa was celebrated with African decor.

Don’t get me wrong…everyone is entitled to believe what they want, celebrate what they want and decorate however they want…that is not my beef. My issue is with those who say they are not Christians, yet celebrate Christmas. I am not allowed to wish anyone a Merry Christmas, for fear of offending someone, but non-Christians can celebrate my holiday whether they believe in Jesus or not.

The “reason for the season” is gone for alot of people. Christmas has become a commercial “shop-fest” of one-uppers. Billy is getting a Playstation 2 for Christmas, so Bobby’s parents buy him a Playstation 3. Suzie’s mom stood in line for THREE hours to get her the latest “Bratz” doll at a bargain price of just $79.99. But, Billy, Bobby and Suzie don’t know the true meaning of Christmas…all they know are the gifts and the Christmas tree. Sad, but oh so true.

Keep Christ in Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus! Pin It

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Doing the right thing

It has recently occurred to me that “doing the right thing” has become more and more difficult in this messed up world of ours.

I truly do try to do what’s right most of the time, but the roadblocks are getting closer and closer together and much more difficult to get past.

We have become a selfish, mean-spirited, angry society and it sickens me to see how people treat one another.

To do the right thing has taken a backseat to “what’s in it for me?” attitudes.

I look back at my childhood and think about how different things are today…back when I was a child, if someone dinged your car, they left you a note apologizing and giving their phone number for insurance purposes; people held the door open for one another and actually said “thank-you” when the door was held for them; children were respectful to adults; men stood up to let a pregnant lady sit down; the “village” worked together to raise the children…I was just as afraid of Mr. Agnew as I was of my own father, knowing that if I was bad, he would tell my parents; there was better communication…people talked to one another instead of emailing or instant messaging one another…if someone had an issue with someone else, they talked about it! What a wonderful world that was.

Now, our world is messed up. BIG TIME. I see things daily that hurt my heart. I wonder where the heck we went wrong. What did the human race do to get ourselves into such a mess? Will we come full circle or will we continue to spiral into an antisocial, self-centered, NASTY world?

I pray for the full-circle. I hope we are at the worst and will start getting better again. I hope we can start living as Jesus asked us to…”treat others as yourself”…”love thy neighbour”. That’s the world I want my children to live in. Pin It

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

So much to do, so little time!

My to do list:

- oil change on my car
- laundry
- get Julian’s passport photo taken
- laundry
- file Julian’s passport application
- laundry
- wrap all 1,000,000 Christmas gifts
- laundry
- get a massage (I am DYING)
- laundry
- change the sheets on my bed
- laundry
- clean the bathrooms
- laundry
- make an appointment for my hair (my roots are about an inch long)
- laundry
- meet with the school principal to discuss January’s agenda
- did I mention laundry?

I have to do MOST of this list today too. Yeah…and here I am online. I’m such a dumbass. Pin It

Sunday, 16 December 2007

What a difference one week can make!

The following are the milestones that Threepeat has mastered this past week…yes, SEVEN days:

- two teeth

- eats veggies!!

- creeping/crawling and push ups

- sleeping much better (only up once or twice, as compared to 5 or 6 times last week)

- claps on command

- waves “bye-bye”

My baby boy will be 8 months old on Tuesday. He is growing up so very quickly…it’s so sad really. He just refuses to be a baby. He wants to grow up and I don’t want him to just yet. This is the absolute BEST time to be a Mommy…I wish I could make it last longer.

I go back to work on January 7th. I am a basket case. Hubster and I discussed me going back early waaaaaay back when I was early on in my pregnancy and it seemed like such a good idea at the time…I work from home anyway, so whenever I want a kiss or hug, I can just go downstairs and get my “fix”, right? Well, now that we are only three weeks away, I am a complete mess. I want to stay home with my baby and focus 100% on him and his brothers. (

I’m still holding on to my 1 in 5,000,000 chance of winng the lottery…sigh. Pin It

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Ding Dong my shopping's DONE!

I am pleased to announce that my Christmas shopping is DONE. Yep…D.O.N.E. WOOT!

I went out this afternoon with Threepeat and finished it off. I have just two more purchases from the hockey…well, SANTA Joe is taking care of them ;o) So, Santa Hubster has to come with me to help me size the stuff.

The stocking stuffers are bought and I actually WRAPPED a good deal of it today. This is WAAAAAY early for me.

OK, YES, I AM on maternity leave. Shut up. The point is that I got my shopping done before the 24th…when all the MEN go out and start their shopping. Yay me!

P.S. Our trip to Florida is completely booked, planned and paid for. The flight, the house and the van….booked and ready for us. Yippee!!!

I am SO on the ball today. Pin It

Forgive us our trespasses...

as we forgive those who trespass against us.

That’s part of the Lord’s Prayer, for those who don’t know. Giving forgiveness is as important as asking for forgiveness.

Someone extended an olive branch to me this past weekend.

I accept. Check your friends requests at Facebook. Pin It

Monday, 10 December 2007

Strep throat and teething and headaches OH MY!

Middleman has strep throat.

Threepeat cut his first tooth today.

Boy Oneder has had two migraines in less than a week.

I have just received a special reminder that I am still fertile. (you know what I am saying ladies)

Yeah…life is GRAND these days.

Sorry I haven’t blogged….least of my concerns, blah, blah, blah.

Sigh…I’m going to bed. Pin It

Sunday, 9 December 2007

The battle

I found a poem I wrote for my Dad the month before he died and thought I would share it here…

It seems like yesterday that I wrote it.

You fought a valiant battle
We thought that you had won
But the cancer has returned
Your war is almost done.

The doctors tried their best you see
To make you well again
But cancer is an evil thing
That causes fear and pain.

Your journey’s coming to an end
Your life on earth, near through
But please, don’t ever forget Dad
How much we all love you.

Your life is being taken
We all know you’re not old
Your days on earth are numbered
We accept the truth we’re told.

I hope your trip to Heaven
Is as quick as it can be
Although I’ll miss you dearly,
I will know that you are free.

I pray that Heaven does exist
And that you’ll always be
Forever in Eternity
Waiting there for me.

Keep a place for me up there
With Jesus as your friend
So that when we meet again dear Dad
The bond we share won’t end.

You are my Dad, my friend, my rock
I so look up to you
What will I do without you Dad
You are my world, it’s true.

The memories come flooding back
How you’ve been there for me
You’ve made me everything I am
And what I’m yet to be.

The tears are falling down like rain
My heart is torn in two
Oh Daddy, please watch over me
In everything I do.

I will always remember you
And the life you gave to me
Your courage and your love for us
Make it effortless to see.

Peace and love be with you
Until your journey’s through
Please remember Daddy
How much I do love you.

~ Dawn, April 4th, 2004 Pin It

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Lonely and abandoned

They are there for you when you need them. They make you feel better when you are blue. They allow you to vent, cry and bitch with no complaints. When you leave them high and dry, they are always there if and when you return.

What am I talking about?

Your blog.

So many blogs are like brand new toys at Christmas…people write in them daily, even more than once daily, for a little while and then…something better comes up and the poor innocent blog is left abandoned.

Take Gail for example. I have ridden her over and over about neglecting her blog, but this time, it’s been almost two months. I think her blog is officially an orphan. Lori had great intentions and her posts were fantastic, but I guess life and love got in the way and now her blog is a ghost town. I was REALLY excited about Wendy starting a new blog, but her’s only has eight posts and already, it’s lonely and neglected.

*I* love my blog. *I* take care of my blog. *I*, my friends, am a responsible blog owner. There are so many other great bloggers out there, my friends mentioned above included, but if you don’t write, I can’t read. That makes me sad.

Shame on you blog abandoners. Shame, shame, shame!

OK….I just realized that maybe *I* am the only one without a life. Shame on me. Pin It

Sunday, 2 December 2007

My precious girls

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my beautiful nieces, C, R and D. They are such angels.

Mom bought me and all the kids tickets to a traditional British pantomime on Saturday afternoon in Hillsburgh, up near Mark’s house. The kids had a lot of fun, but truth be told, I think Grandma enjoyed it most! LOL! The girls ended up coming back to my house for an overnight treat. They were THRILLED!

We went back to their house to pick up their overnight bag and then we dropped off Grandma. We got home at about 6:30 on Saturday night. We ordered pizza for dinner and Hubster had rented us a movie, “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” (crap by the way) and we all nestled in and watched together. At 11:00, all of the kids were finally asleep…Threepeat in his crib, C in Threepeat’s future room, R and middleman in the queen bed, Boy Oneder and D on big thick comforters on the floor. I fell into bed at 11:10.

Bright and early this morning, 6:40 to be exact, Threepeat was wide-eyed and bushy tailed. His “singing” woke Boy Oneder, R and D and we all went downstairs. Not long after, D came down and then finally, C at about 8:30. We had pancakes and while I cleaned up the dishes and the family room, the kids all put the Sunday newspapers together. They played in the snow for a while, making a great fort in the front! Threepeat went for a nap at 9:30. While Hubster shovelled the snow, the kids came in for a nice hot chocolate and then, while Threepeat slept, Hubster took all the other kids in the van to deliver the papers. I took the opportunity to have a quick shower.

We then had lunch (chicken noodle soup and Kraft Dinner) and played some fun word games. While we ate, Threepeat had a nice hour long nap. When he woke up at 1:30ish, we took them all (minus Threepeat, who stayed with Hubster’s Mom) sledding. Poor C, who broke her arm a couple of months ago, couldn’t go down the hill in case she fell and rebroke it, so Hubster and I snuck her a hot chocolate and chocolate donut that she gladly accepted in lieu of sledding!

After three rides down the hill, R AND D needed to pee. So, at 2:00, we all trekked back up the hills to the van and headed for home. At 3:30, the kids all had grilled cheese sandwiches, except Boy Oneder, who had a bowl of the chilli that I had in the slow cooker. R, D and I coloured while the other kids played Playstation and R made me the most beautiful picture. It said, “To Aunty Dawn. I love U! From R XX” I put it on my fridge. At 4:15 we all packed in two cars to head over to Middleman's hockey game and at 5:00, Mark picked up my girlies from the arena.

It was a whirlwind weekend of tending to six children, NON-STOP, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Those girls are more and more like Joanne every single day. C looks like Mark, but has ALL of Joanne’s mannerisms, even her LAUGH. R is Joanne’s clone, both in looks AND in personality and D looks JUST like Joanne when she was little. D is SO full of love and kisses. She is truly a blessing. R has come around SO much since Joanne died. Her eyes are light again. She smiles now. ) C is such a little lady. She is growing like a weed and is getting so mature.

God has blessed me abundantly with both my sons and my nieces. I love each and every one of them to pieces and I pray that we will all remain close for as long as I live. Pin It
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