Wednesday, 7 November 2007


I have ALOT of online friends. In fact, I have many more online friends than real life friends.

Some of my online friends live close by and others live across the world in places like Australia, England and even Japan. The amazing part of my online friendships is that they have become such a HUGE part of my life. There are women like Tracy, who came from her home in Montreal to be with me when my Dad died and women like Pam, who we arranged to meet in Las Vegas one year. These are people who I met online and who have meant so much to me over the years.

The sad part about online friends is that in the blink of an eye, ZAP! and you are out of their lives. One block, one deletion, one ban and that’s it…friendship over. In real life, it’s not as easy to just delete someone from your life, but online, it’s quick, relatively painless and I guess, for the most part, guilt free. You aren’t deleting a PERSON afterall, you are deleting a member or a username. The person lives, but the user dies.

Most of my online friendships have lasted over ten years. I am still meeting new people in my internet travels, and I love reading other peoples’ views on life. It’s like people watching, but from a safe distance. Some of these people will be lifelong friends and others will be acquaintances. Still others will move on much more quickly. And that’s OK. I have some online friends who I know will ALWAYS be here on my screen for me…no matter what.

So to all of my longtime online friends…I love you dearly. Some of you have been more like sisters to me than online names. I am so very thankful for our friendships. I know I’ve told you umpteen times, but I will continue to gush about you. You all ROCK! Pin It

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