Thursday, 8 November 2007

Welcome back to the world of massage!

Today was the first time I have had a massage in about 6 months. I had to try a new place because Christine, my previous massage therapist, moved to Midland. I miss her dearly. I have been looking around for a new therapist, but no one jumped out at me. Christine was SO good, that it was hard to replace her.

Tonight, I met my new Godsend. Her name is Liza and she is wonderful. I had no idea how bad my shoulders were until I was on the table. She, like Christine was when we first met, shocked at how many knots I have had in my back muscles.

But tonight, I am a new woman, with no knots! As I was leaving, Liza said, “Welcome back to the world of massage!” My response was, “Thank you…and what a wonderful world it is!!” Pin It

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