Thursday, 1 November 2007

Newspaper route = Family Time

I have posted before that my two older boys are “Independent Business People”. They have a paper route and so therefore, they are working boys…kinda.

The paper route is more mine, Hubster’s and my mother-in-law’s. Sure, the kids help, but the work mainly falls on the adults. Hubster and I deliver the papers with the boys and MIL and I put them all together. Thursdays are the hardest because they are the big paper. We had 12 flyers to insert today, most of which were already bundled. The papers were huge and heavy and a pain in the butt to bag. We all (MIL exlcuded) headed out in the dark to get those suckers delivered by the deadline, 7:00 pm. Threepeat fussed in the stroller the whole time and Rosie kept getting her leash caught up in the wheels of the wagon (dumb dog).

Anyway, Hubster and I were discussing how much we were enjoying the paper route. Hubster commented that this was a great part time job and that he could do it when he retired. I *think* he was joking, but it got us to talking about how the paper route was great for the whole family. We were spending quality time together, getting exercise and fresh air AND we were away from the couch and the TV for a while. We have a few giggles at things that the boys do (like throw the paper and completely miss the porch, or throw the paper SO perfectly that it lands facing the right way, right on the door stoop) and we all share the responsibility for our route.

So, the boys are learning responsibility and committment, they are learning about making money AND they are spending quality time with the family. Who could ask for anything more? Pin It

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