Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Karate updates

The boys are still going strong on their karate “career”. They had classes tonight and after looking at their cards, it looks like Boy Oneder is one class away from his first degree BROWN belt!!! That’s one belt (three degrees) from a BLACK belt!!! I am still in shock. He has been a blue belt for a long time and finally, all his hard work is going to pay off! The last class he needs is Kata and he will do that next week. He will get his brown belt in December! What a MERRY CHRISTMAS it will be for him!

Middleman is going strong on his red belt. He is ready to test for his second (of three) stripe and he will do that this Friday night. At this rate, he will be a green belt for the new year!

My boys are doing SO well. I am extremely proud of their progress over the years. YAY Boy Oneder and Middleman!!! Pin It

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