Sunday, 4 November 2007

Hockey Moms

There comes a time in most Canadian mothers’ lives when they become a Hockey Mom.

The pre-requisites are quite simple, but let me begin with some of the things you DON’T need in order to be a Hockey Mom…

1. You don’t have to have sons to be a Hockey Mom because girls can play too;
2. You don’t have to have children of a specific age to be a Hockey Mom…some start at 3 years old, some don’t start until they are 12 or even older;
3. You don’t have to be from a hockey family…there are LOTS of first generation players in our league.

Here are the things you need in order to be a Canadian Hockey Mom:

1. You must be breathing;
2. You must have a pulse;
3. You must be able to tie your kid’s skates in the absence of Dad. Blisters and callouses are minor sacrifices for tight skate laces;
4. You must bring the best snacks ever sold when it is your turn. Nothing says “Cool” like a Hockey Mom who brings sugar and spice to the dressing room;
5. You must be willing to scream and cheer at the top of your lungs when your child has the puck. Embarrassment does not EXIST in the hockey arena if you are a TRUE Hockey Mom;
6. You must be so damned proud of your kids that you show up to EVERY game…this includes when you are sick, exhausted or have a “prior committment”. NOTHING comes before your kid’s hockey game;
7. You must be there to lick the psychological wounds of your child when they lose the game; and
8. You must teach your children that winning isn’t everything. Teach them to enjoy the game, not just the win.

I was THE Hockey Mom of the Year this weekend. I did all of the above and more.

Boy Oneder's team has not won a game yet, but Boy Oneder still feels like a million bucks…because I make him feel that way. He plays houseleague hockey. He will never be an NHL Star. Hell, he will never play anything more than houseleague level hockey. He just doesn’t have the talent. But he LOVES to play. Winning in houseleague hockey is almost irrelevant. At the end of the year, everyone will get a trophy. The old saying, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game” is such a motto for us. Most of the other kids are getting upset because they continue to lose, but some of the kids, like Boy Oneder, are out there on the ice each week enjoying themselves and doing their personal best. Sure, it would be nice to win once in a while, and I am sure that once the team gets closer and more comfortable with each other, we will start winning our games.

I wish the other Moms who consider themselves Hockey Moms would teach their children the same thing.

Have fun, do your best. If you do both of these things, then you are a winner regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard! Pin It

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