Monday, 19 November 2007

Do you miss your sister?

Five words. One question. One heavy, emotional question.

Hubster asked me that tonight when we dropped my Mom off at home. Avril Lavigne’s “I Miss You” was playing on the radio and out of nowhere, Hubster asked, “Do you miss your sister?” My response was to nod and say, “Yeah…this song reminds me of her.” He nodded and said, “Really?” I nodded and we drove off towards home.

I felt a little saddened by his question, so once Avril was done singing, I changed the radio station to Sirius 103, Blue Collar Comedy. We laughed at some of the stupid, yet funny jokes and that was that.

But, that was over an hour ago and I am still thinking about that question. I DO miss her. I have been thinking about her alot this past few days. No particular reason, but she has been on my mind. I talk to her every night when I say my prayers. I hope she hears me. I wonder if she misses me. Can dead people miss alive people?

I hope she sees me. I hope she sees her girls and my boys growing up. I hope she is happy.

I miss her most when it comes to the boys’ hockey. I know she’d be cheering them on with me if she were still here. I miss her when I see Franca holding Threepeat. I know Joanne would love on Julian SO much. In my mind’s eye, I can see her squishing him and playing with him the way she played with Boy Oneder and Middleman. Those thoughts are the ones that make me cry. When I think of what could have been…

But there’s no sense getting all upset about it, right? Nothing will bring her back. I will just hold onto the hope that she DOES see us, that she IS here with us and that she KNOWS how much we miss her.

The calendar tells me she’s been gone nearly two years. TWO YEARS??? It seems like yesterday, she was singing some 80′s song to me on her cell phone as she drove home from work. She drove me nuts with that…every time she’d hear a song from our highschool days, she’d call and karaoke for me. Crazy girl. What I wouldn’t give to hear her blast out “Oh Mickey you’re so fine!” just one more time.

So yes…I miss my sister. I miss her very, very, VERY much. Pin It

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