Monday, 5 November 2007

Celine Dion

I can’t STAND Celine Dion.

Her accent is enough to drive me to pull each and every one of my fingernails off, one by one. I think she is absolutely hideous in the looks department and she is so full of herself it’s sickening. I have never been able to stand her music…so nasal and so freakin’ BORING.


When I had my 3D ultrasound with Threepeat, the technician put on her CD, “Miracle” while she recorded my little schmoopy swimming around in my womb. One week after the ultrasound, I went out and bought the CD.

Every day, when Threepeat goes down for his naps, I play the CD. I cry through most of the songs and if I am not actually crying tears, I am choked up. I know all the words to all of the songs and at night, when I am rocking him to sleep, I sing them to him. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful and SO perfect for a mother to sing to her baby.

I still think she’s ugly though. Pin It

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