Thursday, 22 November 2007

Boy Oneder

I thought I’d post a little update on my biggest boy, Boy Oneder. He is 11 and a half…don’t forget the half, whatever you do.

I took him to the doctor yesterday for his first check up since he was about two years old. He’s been to the doctor ALOT since he was two, but never for a “well-kid” check up, so we booked him a physical for last night.

He weighs 97 lbs…56th percentile and he is 146 cm tall…70th percentile. Perfect. He has had lots of aches and pains lately and the doctor explained that sometimes, bones grow faster than muscles by just a little bit and therefore, kids get what Grandmas call “growing pains”. His boosters are all up to date and he reluctantly took his flu shot. Little bugger told the doctor to put it in his right arm…so that if it hurt too badly today, his teacher wouldn’t make him write too much. LMAO!

We had nice conversations both on the way to and from the office as well as during the half hour wait at the doctor’s. He is a lovely boy, so mature and so fun to chat with now. We can talk about stuff like adults now and I can say certain things that I couldn’t say before. He understands slang and sarcasm and even has a bit of a comedian in him….hmmm…wonder where he got THAT from.

He is on the boys’ volleyball team and he is doing fairly well in school…we will know for sure next week when report cards come home. He is such a good big brother, helping with Threepeat every chance he gets and playing mini sticks with Middleman every afternoon, even though I know he’d rather be watching TV.

God blessed me abundantly with that boy. THAT’s for certain Pin It

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