Saturday, 10 November 2007

Back massager(less)

I treated myself today.

Hubster and I took the boys to Canadian Tire after their hockey practices to get new mouthguards. While we were there, Hubster got some winterizing stuff for his girlfriend motorcycle. Being that I am not interested in the umpteen different brands of motor oil available for bikes and cars, Threepeat and I walked around a little bit.

I came across an entire aisle of masaging seats for the car. One of them jumped off the shelf and into my cart, so I had to take it home. It has heat, cool, 6 massagers, an AC cord and a car adapter. The regular price was $99.99 and, being my LUCKY day, it was on sale for $49.99! That is a bargooooon! I was SO excited to get it into the van and try it out.

Boy Oneder helped me set it all up…he snapped the buckles around my seat, plugged me in and told me to go ahead and turn her on. I flipped the switch. Nothing. I flipped the other three switches. Nothing. I flipped them all again. Nothing. I rechecked the plug. Switched again. Nothing. I was fuming.

But, I still held out hope. Maybe it was just the car adapter. The AC cord will work at home. I was already feeling the massage that I so desperately need in order to take away some of the pain that Liza, my new massage therapist, gave me.

We got home and I plugged her in. I flipped those switches ten times. NOTHING. At this point, I was SO angry. You build up to something in your mind, and then to be let down like that is just…just….HORRIBLE.

I WAS going to go back to Canadian Tire right away, but I don’t want to rip the head off of some innocent teenager. Therefore, I will wait until I am less angry and return it then.

GRRRR!!!!!!! Pin It

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