Saturday, 27 October 2007

A vent or two...

I have had a couple of humps in the road and I need to vent about them.

1…I am so sick of spam. I do NOT need a larger penis, I do NOT need viagra, I am not stupid enough to give anyone my bank account information so that they can deposit a million dollars into it as a “goodwill gesture” and I am not interested in replica watches. For the love of Pete…I get over 50 spam emails a day! Thank God for gmail’s filter. Hotmail’s filter isn’t as reliable though and I am just sick of having to wade through the crap to get to my “real” emails. UGH!

2…This mouse is going to be the death of me. Hubster and I bought a live trap, as well as 12 glue traps today. Add these to the 5 poison bait stations that the useless pest control company put around the house and I swear if he isn’t dead by tomorrow, he is Mighty Freakin’ Mouse. No mortal mouse could possibly survive all these traps…could he? UGH!

3…Middleman's friend, Mort the Wart is STILL on his toe. Just like the mouse, this thing refuses to die. I just spent $24.00 on freezing medication to kill that SOB too. Maybe once it falls off, I will feed it to the mouse from hell.

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