Monday, 8 October 2007

Thankfully thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Day. I have had enough turkey to last me until…tomorrow. LOL. I absolutely LOVE turkey and I am looking forward to some leftovers.

We had an EXTREMELY busy weekend. Friday night, Boy Oneder had a hockey game.

Saturday morning, 9:00 hockey practice for Middleman…at one side of the City and 10:15 practice for Boy Oneder at the other end of the City. Saturday afternoon was dinner at my Mom’s house with BIL and the girls. D recorded a new ringtone for my phone…she is singing “Love is Something if you Give it Away…” It is priceless and now, I don’t think I will ever want to answer my phone again! LOL!

Sunday morning, the kids had to do their paper route (read as: Hubster and I had to do MOST of the work). Boy Oneder had a hockey game at 12:00. We then had to rush home, change and go to a Baptism. At 5:15, Middleman had a hockey game and then we had to rush to the banquet hall for the reception for the Baptism. A cold plate of pasta and a few fun dances later, we plopped into bed at 11:00.

This morning was breakfast and apple picking with Kath and Bru and the girls. We then stopped by the cemetery to visit Hubster’s Dad and then late lunch here with Hubster’s sister and family.

Now, I am sitting here in bed, past the point of exhaustion, killing time before Threepeat’s last “dream feed” of the night. If there was ever a night when I needed a good night’s sleep, tonight is that night!

After all is said and done though, it’s weekends like these when I realize how truly blessed I am. I have my health, my family, good food and good friends. As difficult as life is sometimes, it is nice to be able to bring it right back down to the basics and see how lucky and fortunate I am.

God has abundantly blessed me and my family. Thank You. Pin It

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