Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sleep...or lack thereof

Oh man, am I tired.

Threepeat decided about six weeks ago that sleeping through the night was not the thing for him. From the age of five weeks, that little man slept 8-10 hours straight and life was just ducky. Six weeks ago, life became very difficult. Middleman now wakes several times every night. A bad night is every hour. A good night is twice.

Thank God (and knock on wood), he wakes only to nurse and then goes back to sleep, so the wake is a short one, but broken sleep just sucks. I am SO exhausted at certain points in the day that I swear I will drop. But then, come bedtime, I am PINGING! Wide awake and not sleepy…take now for example.

Not only is Threepeat not sleeping through the night, but his naps are ATROCIOUS. Here is his typical day:

6:30 am – nurse
7:00 am – up for day
8:30 am – 2-3 tblspns of cereal
9:00 am – nap
9:20-9:30 – awake
11:00 – nurse
11:15 – nap
11:45 – up
2:00 – nurse and nap
2:40 – up
4:30 – nurse
5:30 – Farley’s cookie and MAYBE, if he will take it, a fruit
5:45 – nap
6:00 – up
7:30 – bath
7:45 – bottle (5 ozs)
8:00 – sleep
10:30 – nurse
12:50 – nurse
3:30 – nurse

Yeah… it sucks.

I keep telling myself that this is just a phase. That before I know it, he will be Middleman's age and I will long for these days…but it’s hard. It is SO hard when you are so exhausted. I can barely function.

Every night, when I go to bed, I pray that THIS will be the night that Threepeat decides to start sleeping through the night again…and every night, when I wake up an hour after I go to bed to nurse him, my heart sinks, knowing that I will have one more day of exhaustion ahead of me.

This too shall pass…this too shall pass…this too shall pass. Pin It

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