Thursday, 25 October 2007

Oh for the love of everything holy!

We have a mouse…in the house. Not the kind of mouse you buy from the pet store…a dirty, disease-carrying, dirty, gross, dirty, gray, dirty, unsanitary, dirty, unwanted, dirty, creepy…did I mention dirty? WILD mouse.


We live in the City…well the suburbs really, but my point is that we don’t live on a freakin’ farm. We shouldn’t have mice. It makes me feel all trailer-trash-like. I mean, CLEAN people don’t get mice, do they?

Oh. My. Gosh.

We have a mouse…well, I assume it’s a MOUSE and not a MICE. Oh my Gosh.

Rosie started sniffing behind our love seat about a week ago and MIL and I pulled it out to show Rosie that there was nothing there…but there frigin’ WAS something there. Oh my Gosh. I hope that it’s only been here a week and that it’s an “it” and not a “they”. Jeez Louise.

I got 4 traps from the dollar store, but I also got quotes from a pest control company. The guy wants $210.00 to place a poison throughout the house. He explained that they use an anticoagulant, so the mouse eats it and dies 6-8 hours later, usually in its nest, but there is no smell. Yay. No frigin’ smell of a dead mouse, rotting somewhere in my home. Fan-frigin-tastic.

I have called Hubster at LEAST 6 times on his Blackberry, but he’s not answering and he hasn’t picked up my message yet. UGH. As soon as he calls back, I am booking Mr. Pest Control Guy. I don’t care about the cost. The thought of a mouse/mice living in my home makes me physically sick to my stomach. UGH. Pin It

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