Thursday, 11 October 2007

Moving on

Moving on after a death is such a work in progress. It’s a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing. Just when you think you are fine and have moved on, WHAMO! you are blasted again.

Joanne has been gone for 21 months now and the searing pain in my stomach when I think about her has all but gone now. Certain songs nail me and seeing her girls is still so hard, but for the most part, I have “moved on” to a new normal. A life without a sibling. I think that the girls have moved on as well. Joanne will always be their Mommy and I am sure they all have their moments, but again, for the most part, Joanne is now a passing memory as opposed to a constant thought.

Mark has moved on as well. And surprisingly, I am OK with that. He has met a wonderful lady and she has been in touch with me. I hope that through the couple of messages we have exchanged, that she knows that I am 100% on board with her being in our lives. Not that she needs my approval, but I think if I were in her shoes, the acceptance would be important to me. She seems like a very kind person and I am glad that she is giving Mark the companionship that he needs. I can’t fathom being in Mark’s shoes.

So, a new chapter has begun. I pray that God leads us all in His plan and that the girls will always be first and foremost in that plan. Pin It

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