Monday, 1 October 2007

Immaculate conception

Middleman kills me sometimes. This is an old story, but one I never shared here, and it’s too good not to share.

Our neighbour, Marylinda, had just found out that she was pregnant…with twins. Middleman was completely in awe of the fact that she had TWO babies in her belly. There were tons of questions, such as “Does one baby sleep on top of the other?” and “Can they hurt each other?”, etc. Well, one question in particular was just priceless. Picture Middleman, myself and my mother-in-law sitting at the kitchen table, eating lunch. The conversation went like this:

“Mom…do you think Mary and Jack had….ummm….errrr….I’d better not say the word.”

“What Middleman? You can say it and I will tell you if it’s bad.” (I am oblivious as to what is coming)

“Do you think Mary and Jack had…(giggle)…ummm….SEX?!”

“Well, yes Middleman…Mary is pregnant, so yes, they had to have sex.” (OMG…My kid knows what SEX is???!!!)

“Yeah, but…you have Threepeat and you didn’t have sex. You just went to bed one night and in the morning, he was in your tummy!” (My mother in law and I are trying, albeit badly, not to laugh)

“Yes Middleman, you are right.”

End of conversation.

Let him think his mother is the next Virgin Mary…if only for a while! Pin It

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