Sunday, 28 October 2007

How could I forget???

Boy Oneder played hockey this morning and…he SCORED A GOAL!!!!!!!!!

He had a breakaway and the two opposing defencemen were right on his tail…they both kind of stuck their sticks out in front of Boy Oneder at the same time, and tripped him. One of them got a penalty and because he had a breakaway, Boy Oneder got a penalty shot.

My heart was in my throat, beating like CRAZY as he stood at centre ice, not QUITE sure what he was supposed to do, other than score a goal! LOL. The whistle blew and he took off down the ice. I was praying that he wouldn’t fall or lose control of the puck, because more important than scoring a goal is keeping your dignity. I could just imagine the kids on his team teasing him if that were to happen. He ALMOST lost control at one point and I swear I thought I would die right then, but he regained control and took a BEAUTIFUL wrist shot. It went right between the goalie’s legs. Boy Oneder skated down the boards on the side where I was sitting…well, jumping up and down like a crazy woman, screaming my head off, with Threepeat sound asleep in my arms and Middleman yelling and jumping right beside me!

As he skated past me, the look of absolute joy on his face was brilliant. It was a combination of shock, excitement, pride and pure joy as he raised his arms in the air and looked RIGHT at me. I don’t think there has been a more exciting moment for either of us.

We haven’t stopped chatting about it all day, so I am amazed that I forgot to blog about it!

Way to go Boy Oneder!!! Pin It

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