Monday, 29 October 2007

Heartbreaking and heartwarming

My little guy is growing up so quickly. I know we parents complain about it all the time, but being that Threepeat is my third child, I think I finally realize how quickly time does pass.

I find myself crying, literally, when I think of how fast he is changing. He is already becoming independent and I’m not ready for that. I want him to be a baby forever. I love his little dimples in his hands and his fat cheeks. I love his gummy smile and his baby coos. I love his fat little bum and his sweet little toes. I love his giggles and his hugs. I love that he chews on my hand and I love breastfeeding him.

I love that he is developing his personality and growing up perfectly. It warms my heart to see him interacting with his brothers, especially Boy Oneder. They have a really special bond and I love it.

I just want him to stay little. Pin It

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