Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Finally, it seems, a feel good post

Things are on the upswing once again. I feel like such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel free.

- I have had a heart to heart talk with Hubster about stuff and we are now on the same page
- I have “cleaned out my closet” so to speak and have eliminated as much negativity from my life as I can
- I am on the computer less, which means more family time
- I had an AMAZING teambuilding session last night with the School Council and I think this is the year that we will turn it all around. I was extremely pleased with the way things went yesterday…exactly as I had hoped and planned. We have an amazing group of people and I see us doing BIG things

So…for today at least, life is good.

As for a kids update, Boy Oneder finished 36th out of 80 participants in the annual Cross Country meet. He would have finished better, but one of his teamates collapsed and he stopped to help carry him off the track (that’s my boy!). He was satisifed with his finish and we told him how proud we were that he stopped.

Middleman is, well, he’s Middleman. Our video gamer is usually too busy playing videos to do much of anything else. Especially since he got his PS2. Middleman is a goalie for his hockey team and as an incentive, before his first game, Hubster told him that if he got a shut out, he would win a PS2. Thinking this would last all season, Hubster was quite proud of his creativity in getting his boy to perform. The first game was a 6-5 win for Middleman’s team. The second game however, they won…wait for it….3-0!!!!!!! Hubster was shocked, I was over the moon and Middleman and Boy Oneder were BESIDE themselves with excitement. We drove straight over to Toys R Us after the game to pick up Middleman's trophy. Just before the third game, he asked Hubster, “Dad…if I get a shut out today, can I have XBox 360?” LOL!!! Of course, the answer was an emphatic, “NO!”

Threepeat is such a lovely boy. He turned 6 months on October 18th and is in such a rush to grow up. He has been sitting unsupported since he was 3.5 months old, so now, he can sit for over an hour playing on the floor. His sleeping habits leave something to be desired, but he is such a good baby when he is awake, that I can deal with the sleepless nights for a while longer. He is eating solids. He loves cereal, but could truly care less about anything else. We haven’t found a fruit or veggie that he actually likes yet, but he will tolerate peaches and peas. He had his first Mum-Mum cookie yesterday and he LOVED It. No choking, no gagging. He is a very big boy (approximately 22 lbs) and is wearing size 12-18 months clothes. He has a doctor’s appointment this morning, so he will have his 6 month needles and a check up.

I am NOT looking forward to going back to work in January. Although I work from home, I can’t imagine another responsibility on my shoulders. Ah well…I will try to enjoy my last couple of months as a SAHM and will make sure I keep buying my lottery tickets. ;o) Pin It

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