Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Ding Dong the Mouse is Dead!

Well at least I *think* he’s dead.

Last night, the house looked like Fort Knox for mice. We had the 5 lots of poison, strategically placed by the pest control company, one live trap and 12 glue traps throughout the house.

I expected to come downstairs to a bunch of mice, fighting to get their little feet out of the glue, but, surprisingly, there were no mice to be seen. There were no little mouse poop pellets anywhere either! No tracks, no nothing.

We are praying that he has either left or died, and if he HAS died, that we find him before he starts to smell. Eww.

I’ll keep you posted. Pin It

Happy Halloween!

Another spooky Halloween is upon us…BOO!

I love Halloween. I love seeing the little ones all dressed up and the little, LITTLE ones, in their parents’ arms, just stunned by the whole event. This year, *I* have a little, LITTLE one and I can’t WAIT to show him off around the ‘hood.

I truly believe that adults enjoy Halloween more than the kids. When we get home and we sort the candy, it’s truly a “One for you, two for me” situation! LMAO!
Now…where’s my costume? Pin It

Monday, 29 October 2007

Heartbreaking and heartwarming

My little guy is growing up so quickly. I know we parents complain about it all the time, but being that Threepeat is my third child, I think I finally realize how quickly time does pass.

I find myself crying, literally, when I think of how fast he is changing. He is already becoming independent and I’m not ready for that. I want him to be a baby forever. I love his little dimples in his hands and his fat cheeks. I love his gummy smile and his baby coos. I love his fat little bum and his sweet little toes. I love his giggles and his hugs. I love that he chews on my hand and I love breastfeeding him.

I love that he is developing his personality and growing up perfectly. It warms my heart to see him interacting with his brothers, especially Boy Oneder. They have a really special bond and I love it.

I just want him to stay little. Pin It

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Fundraising and fundspending

This weekend was a weekend of raising and spending the cash!

On Friday night, Hubster, my Mom and I attended the fourth annual Life Over Lymphoma Fundraising Gala. The fundraiser is organized by Hubster’s late friend, Philip, suffered with lymphoma for 12 years before he finally lost his battle on May 9th, 2004…just 11 days before my Dad passed away from leukemia. We have attended 3 of the 4 galas, missing only last year because I was so sick with my pregnancy. Joanne does such a fantastic job and she should be proud of the committment she has made to her late husband’s dream of erradicating lymphoma forever.

Yesterday, Hubster and I took the boys, together with our neighbours, Franca, Eddie and Kathryn, to Buffalo for a shopping spree. $600 later, we have winter coats, new shoes and some much needed clothes. With the Canadian dollar at or above par with the US dollar, we would be stupid not to take advantage!

And so, money spent on a good cause on both counts. LOL!! Pin It

How could I forget???

Boy Oneder played hockey this morning and…he SCORED A GOAL!!!!!!!!!

He had a breakaway and the two opposing defencemen were right on his tail…they both kind of stuck their sticks out in front of Boy Oneder at the same time, and tripped him. One of them got a penalty and because he had a breakaway, Boy Oneder got a penalty shot.

My heart was in my throat, beating like CRAZY as he stood at centre ice, not QUITE sure what he was supposed to do, other than score a goal! LOL. The whistle blew and he took off down the ice. I was praying that he wouldn’t fall or lose control of the puck, because more important than scoring a goal is keeping your dignity. I could just imagine the kids on his team teasing him if that were to happen. He ALMOST lost control at one point and I swear I thought I would die right then, but he regained control and took a BEAUTIFUL wrist shot. It went right between the goalie’s legs. Boy Oneder skated down the boards on the side where I was sitting…well, jumping up and down like a crazy woman, screaming my head off, with Threepeat sound asleep in my arms and Middleman yelling and jumping right beside me!

As he skated past me, the look of absolute joy on his face was brilliant. It was a combination of shock, excitement, pride and pure joy as he raised his arms in the air and looked RIGHT at me. I don’t think there has been a more exciting moment for either of us.

We haven’t stopped chatting about it all day, so I am amazed that I forgot to blog about it!

Way to go Boy Oneder!!! Pin It

Saturday, 27 October 2007

A vent or two...

I have had a couple of humps in the road and I need to vent about them.

1…I am so sick of spam. I do NOT need a larger penis, I do NOT need viagra, I am not stupid enough to give anyone my bank account information so that they can deposit a million dollars into it as a “goodwill gesture” and I am not interested in replica watches. For the love of Pete…I get over 50 spam emails a day! Thank God for gmail’s filter. Hotmail’s filter isn’t as reliable though and I am just sick of having to wade through the crap to get to my “real” emails. UGH!

2…This mouse is going to be the death of me. Hubster and I bought a live trap, as well as 12 glue traps today. Add these to the 5 poison bait stations that the useless pest control company put around the house and I swear if he isn’t dead by tomorrow, he is Mighty Freakin’ Mouse. No mortal mouse could possibly survive all these traps…could he? UGH!

3…Middleman's friend, Mort the Wart is STILL on his toe. Just like the mouse, this thing refuses to die. I just spent $24.00 on freezing medication to kill that SOB too. Maybe once it falls off, I will feed it to the mouse from hell.

UGH!!!! Pin It

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sleep deprivation

When I had Threepeat, I expected sleepless nights for a while. Imagine my pleasant surprise when he started sleeping 6-10 hour stretches when he was a mere 5 weeks old!

Threepeat is now 6 months old. Since he was 4 months old, he has decided that sleeping through the night is for wimps and therefore, he is up every night, at LEAST twice, but on average 3-4 times a night. The only thing that will console him is nursing. So, a couple of weeks ago, I accepted that “this too shall pass” and I just went with the flow, nursing him when he woke and then falling back to sleep. The sleep deprivation has built up though and for the last couple of days, I have been a complete zombie. It takes everything I’ve got to stay awake at around 5:00 in the evening. By the time bedtime comes, I have my second wind and I am up till midnight.

Last night was a complete disaster. He went down at 7:45, woke at 10:30, nursed, slept fitfully (he was dreaming I think) until midnight. Woke at midnight and NOTHING would put him back to sleep. I ended up giving him ovol drops and tylenol, thinking that maybe it was teething or tummy ache, but NADA. Finally, to let the rest of the house sleep, at 1:15, I took him out in the freezing cold to drive him around the neighbourhood and he was asleep within 10 minutes. I snuck back in the house and put him in his crib, but of course, I was wired and didn’t fall back to sleep till about 2:45. At 4:00 he was up again, fussing, pulling off when I tried to nurse him, but he fell back to sleep around 5:20. At 7:20, he was up for the day. Needless to say, life sucks today.

His naps are never more than 30 minutes on a good day, so my house is a sty because I have no chance to do anything.

So, anyone out there with any sleep advice? Crying it out, as you all know, is not an option in our home, but is there a gentle way to lengthen his naps and keep him asleep at night? Please comment or email me with your suggestion…before I die of sleep deprivation. Pin It

Oh for the love of everything holy!

We have a mouse…in the house. Not the kind of mouse you buy from the pet store…a dirty, disease-carrying, dirty, gross, dirty, gray, dirty, unsanitary, dirty, unwanted, dirty, creepy…did I mention dirty? WILD mouse.


We live in the City…well the suburbs really, but my point is that we don’t live on a freakin’ farm. We shouldn’t have mice. It makes me feel all trailer-trash-like. I mean, CLEAN people don’t get mice, do they?

Oh. My. Gosh.

We have a mouse…well, I assume it’s a MOUSE and not a MICE. Oh my Gosh.

Rosie started sniffing behind our love seat about a week ago and MIL and I pulled it out to show Rosie that there was nothing there…but there frigin’ WAS something there. Oh my Gosh. I hope that it’s only been here a week and that it’s an “it” and not a “they”. Jeez Louise.

I got 4 traps from the dollar store, but I also got quotes from a pest control company. The guy wants $210.00 to place a poison throughout the house. He explained that they use an anticoagulant, so the mouse eats it and dies 6-8 hours later, usually in its nest, but there is no smell. Yay. No frigin’ smell of a dead mouse, rotting somewhere in my home. Fan-frigin-tastic.

I have called Hubster at LEAST 6 times on his Blackberry, but he’s not answering and he hasn’t picked up my message yet. UGH. As soon as he calls back, I am booking Mr. Pest Control Guy. I don’t care about the cost. The thought of a mouse/mice living in my home makes me physically sick to my stomach. UGH. Pin It

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Finally, it seems, a feel good post

Things are on the upswing once again. I feel like such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel free.

- I have had a heart to heart talk with Hubster about stuff and we are now on the same page
- I have “cleaned out my closet” so to speak and have eliminated as much negativity from my life as I can
- I am on the computer less, which means more family time
- I had an AMAZING teambuilding session last night with the School Council and I think this is the year that we will turn it all around. I was extremely pleased with the way things went yesterday…exactly as I had hoped and planned. We have an amazing group of people and I see us doing BIG things

So…for today at least, life is good.

As for a kids update, Boy Oneder finished 36th out of 80 participants in the annual Cross Country meet. He would have finished better, but one of his teamates collapsed and he stopped to help carry him off the track (that’s my boy!). He was satisifed with his finish and we told him how proud we were that he stopped.

Middleman is, well, he’s Middleman. Our video gamer is usually too busy playing videos to do much of anything else. Especially since he got his PS2. Middleman is a goalie for his hockey team and as an incentive, before his first game, Hubster told him that if he got a shut out, he would win a PS2. Thinking this would last all season, Hubster was quite proud of his creativity in getting his boy to perform. The first game was a 6-5 win for Middleman’s team. The second game however, they won…wait for it….3-0!!!!!!! Hubster was shocked, I was over the moon and Middleman and Boy Oneder were BESIDE themselves with excitement. We drove straight over to Toys R Us after the game to pick up Middleman's trophy. Just before the third game, he asked Hubster, “Dad…if I get a shut out today, can I have XBox 360?” LOL!!! Of course, the answer was an emphatic, “NO!”

Threepeat is such a lovely boy. He turned 6 months on October 18th and is in such a rush to grow up. He has been sitting unsupported since he was 3.5 months old, so now, he can sit for over an hour playing on the floor. His sleeping habits leave something to be desired, but he is such a good baby when he is awake, that I can deal with the sleepless nights for a while longer. He is eating solids. He loves cereal, but could truly care less about anything else. We haven’t found a fruit or veggie that he actually likes yet, but he will tolerate peaches and peas. He had his first Mum-Mum cookie yesterday and he LOVED It. No choking, no gagging. He is a very big boy (approximately 22 lbs) and is wearing size 12-18 months clothes. He has a doctor’s appointment this morning, so he will have his 6 month needles and a check up.

I am NOT looking forward to going back to work in January. Although I work from home, I can’t imagine another responsibility on my shoulders. Ah well…I will try to enjoy my last couple of months as a SAHM and will make sure I keep buying my lottery tickets. ;o) Pin It

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Blessings abound!

I’ve had a very hard week. Alot has happened, and in reviewing the events, I think that everything that happened will end up being positive. I needed to clean house emotionally and I feel that I have done that. To end this week, I just wanted to take a minute to blog about the blessings I have in my life. I have been blessed with some amazing people and things in my life. Therefore, I want to count my blessings today:

My God:

I have a God who is forgiving, loving and all-knowing. When I need Him, He’s there. I am so grateful for the faith that I have aquired over the past few years. My life is better with God in it.

My wonderful family:

I have the three best sons in the world. They are my heart. They are my life. Each of them has such special qualities and they truly are my reason for living.

My husband is the most patient, loving father. He tries very hard to do right by the boys and I
and although there are days when I could wring his neck, my love for him is a deep, deep love. He is my soulmate, my confidante and my best friend.

My Mom and I have gotten so much closer over the past few months. I feel a connection with her now that I have never felt before. She is there for me all the time and I love her so much. I look forward to many years of wonderful times with her. I’m glad God chose me to be her daughter.

My mother in law…although some of the things she does drive me insane (what mother in law doesn’t??!!), she is the most wonderful Nanna to my boys. She lives to take care of us and she does a fine, fine job of it.

Friends. I have very few REAL, TRUE friends. I thought I had lots more, but when it comes down to the foundation, I have a handful of people in my life that I can count on 24/7. I could call them at any given time, and if I asked them to, they would drop everything for me, without question and without judgement. They know who they are…thank you.

I also have a handful of online friends, who have been there for me for many, many years and I love them dearly. A couple of those friends, I have never met in real life, but I feel like I am a part of their family. You know who you are too…thank you.

My neighbours…Franca and Eddie, Mary and Jack, Tina and Lino and Maria and Anthony…I couldn’t ask for a more fun, reliable, comfortable set of neighbours than we have. We are so much more than just neighours. I am so grateful for them.

My health and the health of my family. Health is SO important. Nothing else matters if you don’t have your health.

My material things:

My home, my car, my engagement and wedding rings, my laptop, my cell phone, my photos and memoriabila of my Dad, my sister and my childhood.

I have so very much to be thankful for, and coming off of the week I just had, it’s important to see the good things in life.

May God bless all of you who read this. Pin It

Friday, 19 October 2007

The date

Middleman and I had a date tonight…

Well, not in HIS opinion, but in mine.

Boy Oneder had a birthday party, so I decided to leave Threepeat with my Mother-in-Law and take the opportunity to spend an hour with my middle child. Before we left, I told him we had a date tonight, and he was a bit embarrassed by the word “date”.

After a (not so) romantic McDonald’s dinner, we each got an ice cream and ate them in the car, while we listened to some music. Out of the blue, Middleman says, “Tonight was not a date you know.” and the conversation went something like this:

“Yes we are…it’s you and me alone…that’s a date.”

“No it’s not…if it was a date, I would be driving…”

I smile, trying not to laugh…he continues:

“AND…I would be OLDER than you.”

I explained that girls can drive AND date younger men, but then explained that 38 and 8 was really not acceptable. LOL!

I realized tonight that he is a lovely little man. He is certainly not a talker like Boy Oneder is, but he is just so stinkin’ cute.

We have to do that more often. Pin It

Thursday, 18 October 2007

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world

So says Robert Bulwer-Lytton…whoever he was.

I have a good heart…so many people have told me this that I guess I just believe it. I try to be a good person, I try to help whenever and wherever I can and I try to live by the “Treat others as you would like to be treated” motto.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world (and alot of them from what I can see) that take advantage of my heart. Most of the time, it takes someone to TELL me that people are treating me like shit for me to actually see it. But lately, I am seeing it on my own. The ghosts of my childhood are rearing their ugly heads. By “ghosts”, I don’t mean the people…thank God they are out of my life for good, but the memories remain. Being bullied affected me deeply and, lately, I see that I am still affected. People come into my life and I trust them. I always give the benefit of the doubt. Most times, I get screwed. Used and abused. Once I am no longer “required”, these people move on to bigger and better things and leave me behind…

I have done some SERIOUS soul searching over the past few days. I have hit emotional rock bottom and in doing so, have stepped back and looked at all of the people in my life, both family and friends. I have taken inventory of those who make my life better and those who are just toxic people. I have now chosen to rid myself of toxic people…family, I can’t truly rid myself of (legally that is…LOL!) and so I have decided to no longer let them bully or hurt me. I will no longer let their thoughtless words and actions hurt me. I will no longer feed their ego by being hurt. I will no longer fan their flames by reacting. I will simply ignore behaviour that I feel is negative.

As for those outside of my family, I guess that’s a little easier. I will simply no longer associate myself with people who make me feel bad. I would tell my children to stay away from kids who hurt them, so why should adults be any different?

I will also learn to choose my friends more wisely. I need to be a little less trusting and naive and a little less good-hearted.

So, if you are one of my friends or family members and you see me making a bad choice…give me a heads’ up will ya? I seem to need some help in that department. Pin It

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Mort the Wart

Middleman has a wart on his fourth toe. It’s gross.

I took him to the doctor yesterday to confirm the diagnosis of “wart” and not “corn” cuz who the heck can tell the difference anyway? It’s gross either way.

So the doctor “burned” or “froze” it off (he used liquid nitrogen, which is SO cold, it burns) and said to come back in ten days if it’s still there.

Who the heck still gets warts? I thought they were a thing of the past!

Middleman thought the “smoke” that came out of his foot was pretty cool though. Dr. L poured what was left in the medicine cup into Middleman's shoe when he was done and his whole shoe was “smoking”. It was pretty cool to be honest! LOL! Pin It

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sleep...or lack thereof

Oh man, am I tired.

Threepeat decided about six weeks ago that sleeping through the night was not the thing for him. From the age of five weeks, that little man slept 8-10 hours straight and life was just ducky. Six weeks ago, life became very difficult. Middleman now wakes several times every night. A bad night is every hour. A good night is twice.

Thank God (and knock on wood), he wakes only to nurse and then goes back to sleep, so the wake is a short one, but broken sleep just sucks. I am SO exhausted at certain points in the day that I swear I will drop. But then, come bedtime, I am PINGING! Wide awake and not sleepy…take now for example.

Not only is Threepeat not sleeping through the night, but his naps are ATROCIOUS. Here is his typical day:

6:30 am – nurse
7:00 am – up for day
8:30 am – 2-3 tblspns of cereal
9:00 am – nap
9:20-9:30 – awake
11:00 – nurse
11:15 – nap
11:45 – up
2:00 – nurse and nap
2:40 – up
4:30 – nurse
5:30 – Farley’s cookie and MAYBE, if he will take it, a fruit
5:45 – nap
6:00 – up
7:30 – bath
7:45 – bottle (5 ozs)
8:00 – sleep
10:30 – nurse
12:50 – nurse
3:30 – nurse

Yeah… it sucks.

I keep telling myself that this is just a phase. That before I know it, he will be Middleman's age and I will long for these days…but it’s hard. It is SO hard when you are so exhausted. I can barely function.

Every night, when I go to bed, I pray that THIS will be the night that Threepeat decides to start sleeping through the night again…and every night, when I wake up an hour after I go to bed to nurse him, my heart sinks, knowing that I will have one more day of exhaustion ahead of me.

This too shall pass…this too shall pass…this too shall pass. Pin It

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Moving on

Moving on after a death is such a work in progress. It’s a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing. Just when you think you are fine and have moved on, WHAMO! you are blasted again.

Joanne has been gone for 21 months now and the searing pain in my stomach when I think about her has all but gone now. Certain songs nail me and seeing her girls is still so hard, but for the most part, I have “moved on” to a new normal. A life without a sibling. I think that the girls have moved on as well. Joanne will always be their Mommy and I am sure they all have their moments, but again, for the most part, Joanne is now a passing memory as opposed to a constant thought.

Mark has moved on as well. And surprisingly, I am OK with that. He has met a wonderful lady and she has been in touch with me. I hope that through the couple of messages we have exchanged, that she knows that I am 100% on board with her being in our lives. Not that she needs my approval, but I think if I were in her shoes, the acceptance would be important to me. She seems like a very kind person and I am glad that she is giving Mark the companionship that he needs. I can’t fathom being in Mark’s shoes.

So, a new chapter has begun. I pray that God leads us all in His plan and that the girls will always be first and foremost in that plan. Pin It

Monday, 8 October 2007

Thankfully thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Day. I have had enough turkey to last me until…tomorrow. LOL. I absolutely LOVE turkey and I am looking forward to some leftovers.

We had an EXTREMELY busy weekend. Friday night, Boy Oneder had a hockey game.

Saturday morning, 9:00 hockey practice for Middleman…at one side of the City and 10:15 practice for Boy Oneder at the other end of the City. Saturday afternoon was dinner at my Mom’s house with BIL and the girls. D recorded a new ringtone for my phone…she is singing “Love is Something if you Give it Away…” It is priceless and now, I don’t think I will ever want to answer my phone again! LOL!

Sunday morning, the kids had to do their paper route (read as: Hubster and I had to do MOST of the work). Boy Oneder had a hockey game at 12:00. We then had to rush home, change and go to a Baptism. At 5:15, Middleman had a hockey game and then we had to rush to the banquet hall for the reception for the Baptism. A cold plate of pasta and a few fun dances later, we plopped into bed at 11:00.

This morning was breakfast and apple picking with Kath and Bru and the girls. We then stopped by the cemetery to visit Hubster’s Dad and then late lunch here with Hubster’s sister and family.

Now, I am sitting here in bed, past the point of exhaustion, killing time before Threepeat’s last “dream feed” of the night. If there was ever a night when I needed a good night’s sleep, tonight is that night!

After all is said and done though, it’s weekends like these when I realize how truly blessed I am. I have my health, my family, good food and good friends. As difficult as life is sometimes, it is nice to be able to bring it right back down to the basics and see how lucky and fortunate I am.

God has abundantly blessed me and my family. Thank You. Pin It

Friday, 5 October 2007

Madam Chair!!!

I was appointed Chairperson of Boy Oneder and Middleman's School Council last night!!!

The last few years have been a bit turbulent for Council with alot of controversy and ALOT of anger and arguments.

I hope with all my heart that I can bring the fun back to being on Council. I hope that I can help to solve alot of the issues that have made Council such a negative team.

Wish me luck…I think I’ll need it! Pin It

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Visit with a friend

I met an old friend for a coffee today. I haven’t seen her since high school.

She hasn’t changed a BIT and it was so comfortable chatting with her. It was like the 20 years melted away!

She still refuses to join Facebook though! LOL! I guess she realizes just how addicting the damned thing is!

Nice to see you today Rosy. I hope we stay in touch this time! Pin It

Monday, 1 October 2007

Immaculate conception

Middleman kills me sometimes. This is an old story, but one I never shared here, and it’s too good not to share.

Our neighbour, Marylinda, had just found out that she was pregnant…with twins. Middleman was completely in awe of the fact that she had TWO babies in her belly. There were tons of questions, such as “Does one baby sleep on top of the other?” and “Can they hurt each other?”, etc. Well, one question in particular was just priceless. Picture Middleman, myself and my mother-in-law sitting at the kitchen table, eating lunch. The conversation went like this:

“Mom…do you think Mary and Jack had….ummm….errrr….I’d better not say the word.”

“What Middleman? You can say it and I will tell you if it’s bad.” (I am oblivious as to what is coming)

“Do you think Mary and Jack had…(giggle)…ummm….SEX?!”

“Well, yes Middleman…Mary is pregnant, so yes, they had to have sex.” (OMG…My kid knows what SEX is???!!!)

“Yeah, but…you have Threepeat and you didn’t have sex. You just went to bed one night and in the morning, he was in your tummy!” (My mother in law and I are trying, albeit badly, not to laugh)

“Yes Middleman, you are right.”

End of conversation.

Let him think his mother is the next Virgin Mary…if only for a while! Pin It
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