Monday, 17 September 2007


It’s funny…I check out postsecret every Sunday and almost every weekend, I find one postcard that I can truly relate to.

This week’s REALLY struck me though:

Lately, and I think it is since Joanne died, I spend SO much time looking for negativity. If anyone does anything nice for me, I assume they have an alterior motive. If anyone makes a mistake, I think they are stupid. I have such a hate for people lately and I truly don’t like who I have become.

I try to focus on the positive, but I always end up bitter and angry…and I want that to change. If I could be happy more than I am miserable, life would be a much better thing for me.

It’s sad really, because I have always been such a “glass is half full” kind of person, but lately, the glass isn’t half empty, it’s completely empty and, hell, it’s broken in a million pieces.

I wish I knew how to be happy again. I have everything to be happy about, but still, I am miserable. I wish there was a light at the end of the tunnel of darkness that is in my head. It’s hard to be positive when you feel so angry and hateful all the time. I don’t even know where the anger comes from, but it is nasty. It’s awful to hate people all the time.

I don’t mean to hate…honestly. I just do. Pin It

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