Thursday, 27 September 2007

I'm IN!!

There is no feeling like the feeling of being accepted! I ran for Boy Oneder and Middleman's School Council and tonight was the vote. I GOT IN! There were 20 positions and 23 candidates. Apparently, there was a tie for the 20th spot, so they made 21 spots and I was one of those 21!

It feels so good to know that there are people out there who believe in me. People who chose me to represent them and their children! Coming from the girl who was almost always chosen last on the sports teams, I feel all warm and fuzzy tonight!

I have served on this Council before (for three years) and I ended up stepping down, in part due to my Dad’s death, but also because of the petty, juvenille gossipy princesses that were on Council at the time. Tonight brought in new faces, fresh perspectives and renewed excitement about things to come. I am pumped, to say the least.

I plan to run for Council Chair. This is a HUGE committment, but one I am confident that I can live up to. Every ounce of my being says I should do this and so, I will. We will decide the executive council next Thursday. I need to knock their socks off in order to be voted in!


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