Thursday, 9 August 2007

One year...

One year ago today, I felt very very ill. I had all kinds of infections (ear, chest, throat) but more importantly, I quit smoking. It has been one year since nicotine filled my veins and tar and poison filled my lungs.

One year ago today, I made the conscious decision to never, EVER smoke again.

I’m not gonna lie to you…I miss it like a dear old friend. I miss the smell, the taste, the feel, the EVERYTHING. I think I always will. But I also know that ONE drag will suck me right back in. I will never be a social smoker…I wish I could be. Have a smoke at a party and not smoke again for 6 months…but alas, it will never be. I am like an alcoholic when it comes to smoking…one drink takes an alcoholic back…one drag takes me back.

I think it will always be difficult not to smoke. I pray that hard, testing situations remain at bay.

For now, I will be proud. I have been smoke free for one whole year. YAY ME! Pin It

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