Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Get a job!

My boys are officially “Independent Business People”!

Today, they each signed a contract for a paper route. On September 9th, they will start delivering the Vaughan Citizen in our neighbourhood.

I had a paper route when I was a kid and it is HARD work. In fact, I thinkn it bordered on slave labour, but, I want my boys to learn the value of money and to realize that making money is difficult. I also want them to learn committment. They are not allowed to quit for at LEAST 6 months.

The money they earn with this job is their money…meaning, whatever they want to do with it, they can. Right now, they are planning on pooling their money and saving up for a Wii, but we will see how long they can save for before the dough burns a hole in their pockets!

They are really excited…I know it won’t last and soon they will be begging me not to make them deliver the papers, but for now, they are thrilled.

So, my boys are earning money! YAY Boy Oneder and Middleman!! Pin It

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