Saturday, 18 August 2007


We spent the afternoon and evening at Mom’s today, to celebrate my birthday. Mark and the girls were there as well.

We had such a nice time. The kids all get along SO well and of course, the girls can’t get enough of Threepeat! BIL borrowed his brother’s Mustang convertible, and *I* got to take her for a spin…WOW…what a car! After that excitement, we took the kids swimming at the clubhouse. After a GREAT roast dinner (thanks Mom), we all played a very competitive game of shuffleboard, S vs B. I say WE won…Mark says THEY won. Either way, it was alot of fun.

It’s only now that I sit here at my computer that I realize that for the first time that I was with the girls, I didn’t miss Joanne. By that, I mean, I didn’t feel like crying when I looked at the girls. It didn’t break my heart to leave them. The empty spot at the table wasn’t so overwhelming. Things have righted themselves a little bit.

Mark is doing a phemomenal job with the girls. Courtney is such a little lady now…so mature and yet such a little girl. Rebekah is so attached to her Dad…she has really opened up and shown affection lately. Danielle…well that little muffin is just perfect. Mark loves those girls more than life and it shines through every time we are together. He is still teaching his daughters the values and morals that Joanne worked so hard to instill in them.

And so, it is bittersweet. Joanne isn’t here anymore, but we have all found a new normal. That’s not to say that Joanne will ever, EVER be forgotten…not for one moment, but we can still be a closeknit family.

Thank you Mark…for raising my nieces on your own…for being such a great dad, a great uncle and a fantastic brother-in-law. I love you. Pin It

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