Saturday, 7 July 2007

That place

I finally worked up the courage to do it…today, I had Hubster take me up to the place where Joanne was killed. We drove up with my Mom and the boys. It is such a lovely place…so serene…right at the top of Blue Mountain, amongst trees upon trees upon trees. The weather was perfect today and there was a slight breeze blowing through the massive trees.

There is a tiny stop sign for snowmobilers right where the trail meets the road…I can see how maybe she didn’t see it. It was really, really small. We walked back down the trail a little ways and about 100 feet before the road, there was a “Stop Sign Ahead” sign. The trail was only about 10 feet wide and I can’t tell you how tall those trees were…and they seemed to go for miles on either side.

The trail was gorgeous and I know that she would have loved it there…I can only imagine how quiet and peaceful it must be up there in the winter when everything is covered in snow. She took a photo moments before she was killed and it is so different in the winter. Everything was white in her photo. Today, all we saw was green. We were there for about 15 minutes and in that time, 3 cars went by. This place is way out in the middle of nowhere. There is a little wreath and a cross there at the site and there is a program from her funeral, laminated to protect it from the weather. Her photo, on the front page, right in the middle of the wreath. She was so lovely. Such a beautiful woman.

Mom and I put some flowers on either side of the wreath…Mom placed some gerbera daisies and I placed some mums. Joanne would like that…she loved flowers.

As we were leaving, Threepeat, in his carseat, suddenly looked up out his window at the sky. His eyes lit up and he dropped his soother from his mouth. He smiled a HUGE smile…at nothing. There was absolutely nothing in the sky, not even a cloud. Well, not that we could see anyway. He stared at that spot for a good minute. Hubster even stopped backing out so we could watch him. He smiled so hard several times and then looked away. I like to think she was there with us. Watching over us. Guiding us.

I love her even more after seeing that place. I am at peace, knowing that her death, at that moment and in that place, were meant to be. God called her Home that day. He had prepared her place and was ready for her arrival. I believe that with every ounce of my being. Pin It

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