Tuesday, 17 July 2007


The last few days have been tough. I have no real explanation as to why, but suffice it to say that by this time every night, I am on the verge of tears.

My 11 year old, Boy Oneder, suddenly has attitude issues. He is a pre-teen, I know, but he has always been SO respectful, SO good, SO perfect. Now, not so much. He has a mouth and he knows how to use it to be hurtful and nasty to everyone who crosses his path. Today was a little better, probably because he was punished last night. I guess banishing him to his room worked.

My 8 year old, Middleman, wet the bed the night before last. He has kind of withdrawn from everything and plays with his PSP and Gamecube all the time. I had to put an end to the gaming situation yesterday as it was getting out of control. He wasn’t a happy camper. Today was a little better. I spent ALOT of time with him yesterday, so that probably helped.

My 3 month old, Threepeat, has been a little gassy and fussy the past few days. He eats more often and has been getting up in the night again for a feed. Probably a growth spurt.

By the end of the day, I am SO excited about coming on my computer and having my glass of wine. It is heavenly to have NO ONE bug me. No “MOM!”, no “Dawn!!”, no NOTHING.

Sigh…motherhood is wonderful, most of the time. Pin It

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