Friday, 13 July 2007


Today is Friday the 13th. It is the first Friday the 13th that Hubster will be attending the festivities in Port Dover. Every Friday the 13th (other than winter) bikers from all over the place attend a huge party in Port Dover. My Dad used to go to every one before he got sick. It’s like a biker’s rite of passage.

So, today Hubster went. He took Boy Oneder. I was supposed to go with all three kids in the van, following Hubster, Kathy, Bruno, Frank and a couple other bikers, but I chickened out. It’s more than a two hour drive and I had visions of Threepeat FREAKING out for food halfway there and me having to pull over to nurse him. Everyone would get pissed because I was holding them up, I would have had to be bussed into the centre of town with the three kids, a stroller, etc. and I can’t IMAGINE finding Hubster in amongst about 10,000 other people. So I decided at the last minute not to go. Middleman couldn’t care less. In fact, he was thrilled not to have to go out…he LOVES staying home. Boy Oneder was disappointed and so Hubster decided to take him on the back of the bike. Of course, Boy Oneder was ecstatic. I will worry for the rest of the day, but he will have a blast. Maybe it would have been fine, but maybe it would have been hell.

And so, this is the first case of Threepeatitis. I am left out of an activity due to the existence of a newborn little boy. You know what? Ssshhhh…I am glad. I get to spend the day with two of the best little men on earth, doing stuff that all my adult friends have long left behind. Let them have their fun on the bikes…I’ll just stick to kid stuff. Pin It

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