Saturday, 30 June 2007

"Me" Time

I’m a Mom of three. A blessed, grateful Mom of three wonderful boys. That being said, “me” time is very hard to come by. If Boy Oneder isn’t obsessing over some bodily ailment (yes, he is lucky enough to take after me and is a complete hypochondriac…poor kid), then you can be sure that Middleman is singing me a song, reading me a book or showing me one of his dance moves. If, on the slim chance, they are both outside playing, Threepeat wants to be fed, rocked or have his diaper changed.

Up until about a week ago, I at least had an hour or two to myself late in the evening, but now that the older boys are off school, they are up late and I don’t even have THAT anymore. As I type this, Middleman is in bed next to me, watching TV.

Add to the mix that my mother-in-law lives with us and the privacy factor is completely gone. Even when Hubster takes Boy Oneder and Middleman to the store or something and Threepeat is sleeping, my mother-in-law is here, ready to chat.

Sometimes, I just don’t want to chat. I want “Me” time.

I am blessed beyond blessed, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, I’d like a quiet house to myself with no one talking to me, at me or with me. No one showing me bugs, asking me what this bump or that ache might be or crying for a boob. Just me, myself and I…alone in the house to just chill. Ahhh…what bliss that would be.

But only for a minute or two…I’d miss my men WAAAAY too much if it was “Me” time for too long!!! Pin It

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