Monday, 14 May 2007

What a wonderful day!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I expected nothing from Hubster. Wow…did he come through BIG time.

Let me start at the beginning…

Boy Oneder brought me breakfast in bed at 8:30. Then the boys brought me the gifts they had made in school. Boy Oneder had poems that made me BAWL along with an amazing picture he drew of me and some coupons for things like breakfast in bed and one change of Threepeat’s diaper! LOL! Middleman made a beautiful flower with all these promises: “I promise to be more polite.”; “I promise to listen to you more.” etc. SO cute.

Then we went downstairs and they took me to the garage, where a jogging stroller was waiting! What a great surprise!

We had a lovely day with my Mom and MIL came home for the barbeque. She brought my nephews and we had a nice time.

Last night, Threepeat only woke up twice…once at 1:30 and once at 5:30. So even HE gave me a Mother’s Day present!!! WOOT!

Days like yesterday are awesome.

I’m so glad I’m a Mom. Pin It

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