Monday, 28 May 2007

Reaching out...Part Two

This post is not about me, but about a friend who is hurt.

This friend is a wonderful person who thinks of others before herself all the time. She did something kind for someone last week and that person hasn’t even acknowledged the kind deed.

Why are people like that? What would it take to say “thank you” for a kind gesture? Is the recipient of the good deed too busy to take a moment to acknowledge? Pretty sad.

I realize sometimes why people stop doing kind things for others. Like my friend, some times I think, “why bother?” If it’s not appreciated, why waste your time? Why? Because if it weren’t for people like my friend, the world would be a horrible place to be. Imagine if everyone on earth were like the recipient of this good deed…cold, harsh, ungrateful people who can’t be bothered with other people. Yuck…not my kind of world.

So, my friend, you know who you are…you are not alone. I will continue to be a sucker when it comes to doing kind things for others because it’s just our nature, isn’t it? I’ll always be thankful for your kindness…and I will make sure I always tell you so. I just wish others were the same. HUGS to you.

P.S. Remember that karma SUCKS. ;o) Pin It

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