Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Poor Middleman!

He’s sick as a dog. He has a horrible cold and so he can’t go near his baby brother. Needless to say, he’s home from school today. His cough is the worst part, but this morning, his nose has started to run like crazy as well. Poor guy.

I’m just praying that no one else gets it…ESPECIALLY Threepeat. I have been nagging at Middleman to wash his hands every ten minutes and have been reminding him to cover his mouth when he coughs, but he’s seven…he forgets. At least Threepeat has my breastmilk as a bit of a prevention.

I hope Middleman is feeling better for his party this weekend…Saturday is the party we put off from his First Communion two weeks ago. I am so glad we did that too…I can’t IMAGINE how I would have thrown a party two weeks ago…gosh. Pin It

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