Saturday, 12 May 2007

A new level of exhaustion

I think I have reached a new level of exhaustion. I am at a point where I literally feel drunk. I stumble and slur and I feel like my body weighs 1,000 lbs. But I’ve had no alcohol.

Threepeat is such a good baby…don’t get me wrong. I just forgot how hard it is to function on 1-2 hours of sleep at a time. I got about 6 hours’ sleep last night, but it was in 1-2 hour intervals. I think broken sleep is worse than no sleep at all!

Boy Oneder and Middleman are at Grandma’s today (they slept over last night) and Hubster is up in Collingwood for the day. Threepeat is sound asleep in his bouncy chair and I am here, blogging, when I should be sleeping along with him. Oh how I wish I could just tell myself to lay down and sleep and that it would actually happen. I just can’t sleep during the day…plain and simple.


I don’t wish these days away at all…I LOVE the early days with a baby. Threepeat cooed and smiled at me for the first time yesterday and that makes it all worthwhile, but man oh man could I use a good night’s sleep. Unforch, that ain’t gonna happen while I am breastfeeding…and I plan on doing that for at LEAST a year.

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