Wednesday, 4 April 2007

American Idol

I just have to comment on the whole American Idol fiasco! At first, I thought it was funny that people like Howard Stern and Perez Hilton thought that they could actually sway Americans to vote for the worst contestant. I mean, Americans take their entertainment very seriously and there was just NO WAY that a couple of celebs would be able to sway peeps to throw the entire show….could they??

Well, it seems they COULD! Tonight, Gina was apparently eliminated. Now, this is hearsay, because I have boycotted American Idol. Three weeks ago, when it became apparent to me that maybe Howard and his fans could actually do this, I stopped watching. I am kinda sad that the contestants who really should be staying are being eliminated in order to keep Sanjaya on the show. I actually feel sorry for Sanjaya as well. You can tell that he is disappointed when he is told by Seacrest that he is safe!

I think the entire show has lost its integrity. The producers at AI will have to make some bigtime changes in order to keep it going for another season…that’s a given.

One good thing about the whole thing is that Simon has said he will NOT be back if Sanjaya wins. LMAO! Let’s see if he holds true to his word! Pin It

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